Bizarre rant of the day


The videos got a laugh out of me too :smile:

“I’d like to apologise for the behaviour of my passion” lol that’s a phrase that could come in handy sometime


Ha ha, yea for sure


Just posting to keep the thread alive @twn888 certified Americano ben sheng ren fiction zone brah. go for it


I’m sorry I missed that thread. I’m in a similar situation too and need advice. So I met this girl online. And she’s trans. As in, you know, transtemporal. I met her on a dating site where you could select the epoch. I clicked on Pleistocene, Mid-Late because the girls back then were f’n palaeolicious and also because my mate says they’re not as snooty and high-maintenance as the agrarianized bitches. Give them a hoe and they’ll be all impressed and grateful and shit. Or so my mate says. I scrolled through the pics and found one I liked. Judging from her message she seemed like a sincere girl with a good personality:


Hot genuine ddf dte pre-ag girl here… iso generous man 4 arrangement… dont mean ikebana hehe… love dfk and jfk… gk salads w/dressing maybe. Can give full gfe.

Waiting 4 u. xxx Cindy

ps u must be post-ag and v generous

pps no australian or irish man pleez

Cindy and I got to know one another. She sent me a pic of her legs. They were hairy and bowed. Just the way I like them. She asked me to teleport gifts to her. Beef and chicken and shit that she’d never eaten before. Anyway, after reading the thread, I took one poster’s advice about taking our relationship to the next niveau. The poster said that you should share a “deep, dark secret” with a girl and see whether she reciprocates. So the next time we were sitting side by side on a virtual beach enjoying a virtual sunset (all of this was being transmitted to me via electrodes attached to my shaved ̶b̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ scalp), I turned to her casually and said, “Sometimes when I take a shower I make pipi.” What happened next surprised me, but not in a bad way.

PS does anyone know some good cro-mag/neander/aust-pith/erectus erotic lit that caters to hetero guys? I can find heaps of gay stuff. Like “Reared in a Cave”, which on its cover shows a grotto wall upon which a fire castes the silhouettes of two mesomorphs doing it doggy. And then there’s the stuff for middle-aged women with titles like “Just Club Me Already"politically incorrect, but sells like hotcakes… but I can’t find much paleo-porn for straight guys like me. Maybe it’s being censored?


This had me in stitches. :grin:


Post got #lols out of #metoo, but that particular line went right over my head… I must be out of tune with the neolithic revolution, goddammit!


Neanderthal… :grin:


NOT funny

This type of comment is SO typical of privileged Homo sapiens - implying we Neanders are “backward” or “primitive” thus justifying oppression and genocide


I have Neanderthal heritage going way back, so I’m allowed to use the N-word. :sunglasses:


“Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis”. Just because we occasionally drop a 简体 proto symbolic cave painting doesn’t mean that we are not ‘sapiens’. At the end of the day we are all Homos and speakers of the same Gay-lick tongue anyway.


I have 50% banana heritage but that doesnt give me the right to mock bananas… but maybe there are some ABCs here who would have that right

Fortunately the biologist Ernst Haeckel’s early proposal to call them “Homo stupidus” was not adopted… imagine what a name like that would’ve done to the self-esteem of our chunky relatives


It was “we” a minute ago. You are being commendably inconsistent in your reasoning.

Yes but the bananas that they are mocking are not real bananas, they are crab people dressed up as bananas. Everyone knows that.



Of course it does. Mock away!


Well, this is the first time I’ve ever been accused of “reasoning.” I identify as “homo fluid.” I shift between categories. For example, sometimes I’m homo erectus (when im in the mood) and sometimes homo habilis (when I’m doing
some diy handy man stuff around the house… er, actually those two tend to coincide… speaking of which

Good idea. Fuck you, bananas! Just look how they treated this poor guy:


But but but, the green ones are all evil, and they’d beat us with sticks just for having this conversation…


That’s totally bananas.


To give the banana its due, it did definitively disprove dat whacky theory of evolution


“Police in the Northern Territory town checked his home, finding his cowboy hat and a chicken still in the microwave, and immediately called foul play.”

I almost died laughing watching this:


Read about it a while back , some suspect it was the gardener along with the pie lady who did it.

One thing she said made me not believe her…‘the gardener didn’t even know Paddy’.
They lived across the road from each other in a 12 person town !


“What part of the camel is it? Where’s paddy’s body?”

She doesn’t know

“I said d d d d d d d you’ve pressed me buttons now!”