Bizarre Tai Chi Practices

In the morning I see a bunch of old people doing this stuff, and every time it seems they’ve got a new superstition.

  • Just today I saw a guy leaning against a tree, and kind of hitting his back against it again and again. (Don’t bears do this too?)

  • A lot of people seem to think that walking backwards is better than walking forwards. What’s up with that?

  • Hand-clapping, of course.

  • Another tree guy was standing in front of it, legs apart, and moving his hands around like he wanted to feel its aura.

  • Screaming from the tops of hills at dawn. “Hoooooo!” “Hoooooo!”

So, what else is out there?

Reasons for the weird stuff:

#1 - Not sure. At a guess the same as #4.
Correction: He was probably doing wall squatting. It pumps the chi through the body, and is considered very good if you have chi flow problems.

#2 - Moving backwards makes the body have a convex shape and allows it to release chi, opening the pathways. You’re supposed to move alternately backwards and forwards to clean the pipes so to speaqk, but i suppose people think they walk forwards all of the rest of the day, so they might as well get it all out during exercise.

#3 - Along with shaking hands, this allows you to expel bad chi.

#4 - This guy is obviously trying to absorb pure natural chi from the tree. The first guy may be doing the same or trying to use the tree’s chi to massage out a blockage - hard to say. I’ve never seen that one.