BK Extreme

The Japanese won’t buy that. They eat like birds. That’s for the fatass gajin that live there. Sign me up.

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You get a free sticker with it. The Japanese are going to eat it. Trust me.


No buns, no love…

It’s the Whopper Double Down!

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Beats the chocolate burger I suppose.

It’s a copycat of this

They should let the people at BK Japan make product decisions for Taiwan too.

Ah the Dave’s Double Down! It’s a DDD size!

KFC had this before. It was a bun free chicken burger.

I’m tired of getting excited over these dope ass fast food dishes that people post here just to say they’re only available in some other country.

First the Krispy Kreme chicken burger or whatever, then I’m sure one or two more, now this.


This is Rocket’s best troll yet

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Couldn’t you just ask to be served a burger without the bun?


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