Black female actor 'is the new 007'

This seems very PC

It’s not about PC, it’s about clicks.

Which, ultimately, is about money.

You’re doing their marketing for them.

so daniel craig is james bond or this woman is james bond? who is the star of the movie? not that i’m going to watch it, just feel the article is a bit confusing.

Aw I was looking forward to seeing Idris Elba. I thought he was going to be the new Bond.


She is not James Bond. She is the new 007 in the 00 program when James Bond retires.

Unfortunately I think he’s a bit too old to be starting in the role now. It’d be like Pierce Brosnan back in the day - when first suggested for the role, he’d have been perfect, but by the time he started, it just felt too late.

Makes sense, but still disappointing. What a missed opportunity.

Idk this actress so idk how well her acting is for this part. I don’t personally find her very attractive though, it’s hard to imagine her seducing people like James Bond in the movie to get her way.

Honestly I think they should think about doing spin offs with other 00 agents. People are not going to like anyone but James Bond being 007. I see no issues with giving James Bond as 007 a rest and explore how they can use a different character as other agents.


I still love Daniel Craig. But 00 agents have to retire at 45 as the story goes. I believe in real life he just turned 50 recently.

None of the Bonds have ever really been my vegetable. In the end the seduction thing is just another corny convention of the series.

Austin Powers was the best “Bond” imo. :rofl:


so its a passing the torch deal? we’ll see. he might be in a majority of the movie.

I may not personally find a person my type. But I can kind of objectively say this person is attractive or not. I don’t think she is very attractive, I mean she’s not ugly. But she’s not movie star attractive if you know what I mean. Real life she’s pretty decent. But perhaps under par for 007 sexy secret agent role.

I believe bond retires and there’s some huge problems and the world is ending. The new 007 needs help from the only person who can save the world. She goes and find James Bond and try to convince him out of retirement.

This is probably the plot if I had to guess.

the woman james bond cant hack it so she needs to get the man james bond out of retirement to do the job right? not very girl powerish!


Which would be the irony of it if this is a PC move haha.

I’ll hold out judgement until I know more and see a trailer. What I hate would be making being female and black the plot and the character. No one thinks kill bill is a PC movie because all the characters are great.

No one looks at Lucy Lu and thinks she’s an token Asian. Her character is great and makes sense with the plot.

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My name is Bond, Jane Bond.

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Really? I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed.


Roger Moore?

He was blessed with the best line in any bond movie:

“Bond! What are you doing?”
“I think he’s attempting re-entry, sir.”

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None of them ring my bell tbh. I usually like blondes but Daniel Craig just isn’t very handsome to me. I think it’s because his head is too big and it reminds me of bulldogs.

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Roger Moore did such a smarmy and goofy Bond.

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