Black metal in Taiwan

Any black metal fans here?

IMO Taiwan has the two best black metal bands in the world - Chthonic and Anthelion.

Chthonic sings a lot about Taiwanese history and is very proactive about independence. They have an original sound. Anthelion is more your traditional black metal. Both sounds amazing and deadly!

I hope I can find there are more than those two bands.

Well from my knowledge there are a few underground bands if you go to The Wall in Taipei. Some friends of mine have been performing there.

Thanks Janey. I have to check out The Wall when I get to Taipei and will do everything to support the metal scene over there.

Keep an eye on Taipei Metal website and also my own website (you can also just show metal shows here).

Guns & Roses is going to Taiwan !!! I wish I can get there sooner.

I discovered

That website has its own youtube channel.

There is a lot more bands than I thought. Also there is a much bigger metal scene than I thought.

Old thread I know, but I just wanted to say hell yeah! My brother in law gave me some MP3s several years ago of Anthelion and I have had the pleasure of watching their popularity grow. I agree, they are one of the best black metal bands in the world and just happen to be from Taiwan. I can’t wait to see them play.