Black Out

Yes elegua, what happened, where did the plane go?

While I’ve had way too many what tha fark did I do last nights?, fortunately, nothing too spooky. However, how I managed to ride big bikes like a total maniac and drink like a fish through my early twenties without killing myself or someone else amazes me to this day.


Dude! Where’s my butterfly effect?

Perfectly normal for a raving alcoholic. You’ll get used to it.

My problem is more to do with memory…

I don’t black out during the session, but in the morning there will be a certain point passed which I have no memory. I’m sure I didn’t go nuts and kill someone, but I’ll be darned if I can remember.

What’s going on with all this “I dont drink to get drunk” business? That’s the ONLY reason to drink. I have been totally bollock drunk about a billion times, and I’m sure most other people here have too.

I loves to drink to excess. I even enjoy the occasional binge. If I hadn’t needed to go to work today I probably would have smashed myself senseless on Vodka and beer. Screw the pain of tomorrow, cos there is a tomorrow tomorrow, and that will be a nother drinking opportunity.

My drink problem is that I can’t find enough people to get shit faced with.

(Just kidding around here, before you start sending me pm’s with phone numbers…!)

[quote=“TomHill”]My problem is more to do with memory…

I don’t black out during the session, but in the morning there will be a certain point passed which I have no memory.[/quote]

Same thing innit. It’s the natural process your brain goes through to protect itself from horrible memories. You could always pay a psychiatrist thousands of dollars to dig the hideous repressed memories out and leave you scarred for life. That’s what they do in America, and by Jove it’s certainly worked for them.

And remember, it’s just a hangover. You are not dying. The world is not about to end. You are not a no-good dead beat scumbag. It is just a hangover. Before you know it you’ll be tearing through the Wifebeaters and Black Russians and the world be All OK again. :slight_smile:

The upside of course, is that you never run out of stories to prattle on abut with drunken mates. You might have had the same conversation every time you drank with 'em, but it’s always fresh and new.

Off to the airport, Taipei bound. Yes, a swallow for the flight would be just so.


I think someone commented earlier that blackouts are a rare occurence among heavy drinkers. I don’t believe that’s true. I had quite a few when I was a young, stupid adolescent who enjoyed guzzling various different hard alcohols at the same time. I believe blackouts are the mind’s way of saying, “quit drinking you fucking moron, before you kill yourself.” And, death from binge drinking is not all that uncommon.

[quote]The 21st birthday celebration of a student at the University of California at Davis ended in tragedy yesterday morning when he died with an extremely high blood-alcohol level, police said.

UC Davis senior David Earl Thornton, 21, was taken to Sutter Davis Hospital by his friends Monday night after his lips turned blue and he had trouble breathing, said Davis Police Lt. Don Brooks. Thornton was pronounced dead at 12:13 a.m. yesterday. [/quote]

[quote]Bradley was a Michigan State University Junior . . . At midnight on November 4, 1998, the eve of Brad

Nice post.
I notice all those were in their early twenties. How about some warnings for us thirtysomethings!

Black outs are fun because you’re always meeting people that already know you. It’s like your famous. People wave to you and shout out your name. You’re a star and it’s your time to shine.

They also add a little mystery to life.