Black Widow - 2020

Not much of a trailer, but it is the movie that many have been waiting for. I heard it’s set between Avengers 2 and Captain America Civil War?

For a moment I thought it was about giant spiders…

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Not sure if you’re disappointed or not :joy:

I just don’t see what the purpose is.

To make money, obviously. :wink:


Will it though? I feel people are pretty meh about Black Widow, especially now that she’s dead. If they were going to make this movie, the right time would’ve been 5 or 6 years ago.

It’s not like Hollywood producers haven’t made gross miscalculations before.

I’m sure she somehow comes back… probably some weird time travel loophole or something. Marvel always finds a way to retcon stuff.

Look, I am a fan, and it looks weird. I mean, it doesn’t sound like she.

You know they’ve been pushing hard for feminist movies. Which I suspect they will turn this into instead of giving us a great character developing story. I like black widow so I hope I’m wrong. I don’t need 50 lines about how girls can do anything and 30 scenes of chauvinist men acting like stereotypical dicks to show how men are part of the sexist patriarchy.

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Oh look another superhero movie. Wonder when those would become extinct.


Marvel took one of the most boring characters in the Marvel Universe, released a mediocre movie before she was even introduced in the Avengers saga and still cashed in more than 1 billion dollars. I don’t know how much money Black Widow will make (probably not as much, since the Avengers frenzy has toned down quite a bit), but at least she’s a far more interesting character.
I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but at least I may consider pirating it. For many movies in the Marvel saga I didn’t even think about using hard drive space to watch them.

You really think scarlett johansson won’t sell? She is far better looking imo than Gal Gadot and certainly Brie Larson.

We all know the reasons for that monay monay monay was rumor had it she was able to defeat Thanos AND it was the in between movie between Infiniti War and End Game. You just had to see it.

I was hoping her movie would have been released some time ago, before the ending of the Avengers saga. It would have performed as well as (if not better than) Captain Marvel, but now the hype has gone waaay down. Which is a shame because I do like that character.

Scarlett is a far better actress than Gadot and Larson, not even in the same league. She’s more popular and she is also slightly (hahahahaa ok I couldn’t stay serious typing that) more attractive, which never hurts. The timing of the release is not ideal, though. No way it will gross over 1b dollars, which is ok as long as the movie is well done, I’m not a Disney stock holder.

No she’s not. Not better than Larson.

Yes she is.


The only good performance she’s given is Under the Skin (though I haven’t seen Marriage Story), Brie Larson on the other hand has been great in many indie movies.

Scarlett beats Brie in beauty and acting skills by a mile. She did great in Under the Skin, Lost in Translation and Don Jon.


Meh and lol