Blacklist of schools


"Happy"Marion in Da Zhi and Taipei Mingshen rd is worth a mention. The owner is a heartless passive aggressive b#tch who rules by fear and intimedation. Trifling complaints by spoilt 4year olds are blown out of preportion and used as oportunities for them to rip stripes off you or the chinese teaching staff [who are often forced to snitch on you to protect their own jobs].

I took 1 sick day off in the year that I worked there and was forced to come into work for that morning even though I was really ill. When I went back home in the afternoon to see the doctor they rang my wife up and abused her. Granted this is pretty small beer compared to some of the cases of outright fraud and dishonesty that I’ve read here , but I’ve never been in a more horrible work environment in all the time that I’ve been in Taiwan [11 years] . I hated working at a place were you were happy someone else was on the shite list because it meant you were in the clear. I still love teaching kids ,but I’m going to choose the next school I work at really carefully.


Where is that exactly? Is that an intersection?


Why do posters on here stay for months or even years for bad employers mentioned here?
Contracts mean nothing to them, so why should it for you?

Try and check out the place before you start, try and talk to teachers employed there. Research.
If it’s a new school ask many questions, agree to a short trial period.

You are not a slave, you have the freedom to change jobs at any time.

If they try the pedantic bullshit, stand up to them.

I have been to bad jobs for interviews, sussed them out and gave the Hitlers a mouth full for wasting my time with false promises or unworkable curriculums. I have also threatened that no foreign teacher would work for them under these conditions. This works, no foreign teacher = no revenue.
These bad ‘schools’ are only in it for the cash, so any mention of losing it scares the living shit out of them.

We should all post on sites like this as long as you have evidence.
Shame tealit don’t do this, but then it relies on money from the same shitholes.


Shoot. I teach my students to never write an email when they are mad. I should take my own advice! I wrote some bad stuff on here about the
company I work for, EIE, which turned out to be a big misunderstanding. I used some strong language before and if I made myself or my company look bad, I should probably apologize. They had every reason to send me packing but they turned it into a positive.

I wrote the post in a moment of haste and misunderstanding. The situation was cleared up and almost a year has passed now. After a year I am still with EIE and have now been working there for almost two years. Actually, I found that they do have great communication and offer great classes. If you are interested in teaching corporate English, I say do work for EIE.


It seems they’re also ageist. Each and every job on their website has an age qualification… Editor/translator is 25-50. So you can’t translate or edit after 50? :roflmao: :loco:


Forest American or Frobel American in Cidu, Cheedu, or Qidu or whatever in Keelung County
62 Da Hua Rd. Zip Code 206

was not just a bad school it was dangerous, a full out nightmare. They stole around 81,000 NT from me. They withheld a partial months pay, and my taxes. They lied about my income for the old 20% taxes for the first 6 months thing (this was in 2004, my first job here). I had to fight for like 7 months and finally threaten them with calling every parent at the school and telling them the truth. That was the final thing at the Council of Labor Affairs where they finally did an about face and said, Ok, we think we owe you this much.

Some people might say that I should have left or whatever, but I tried. The man “Uncle” went back to Canada and his wife “Judy” I think it was came back, “Grampa” almost pleaded for me to stay and give Judy a chance. She fired me on her first day back. I was super low on money, young and confused.

They said that I beat a child, which I didn’t, then they called a friend of mine, threatened her, and got her to turn on me.

Before these facts, which I can prove, it was a total psychological warfare situation. They used every dirty trick in the book to break me down, make me doubt myself, give me praises and then scary ultimatums and threats.

I already posted this nightmare school on this site, but wanted it here in this blacklist thread database.

It was on this thread

Forest/Frobel American School in Cidu, quite possibly the worst school in Taiwan

It was a bit disorganized, I switched names from Huh? to LV, I can’t remember why. Now I’m Captain Coconut. I originally tried to separate my questions for more anonymity for myself, now I don’t care.

PLEASE CHECK SCHOOLS BEFORE WORKING AT THEM. Schools here are sometimes way, way beyond bad. Every effort must be taken to cut them off.


[color=#4000BF]DJ Doni[/color]:

“[color=#800000]I have no idea how I am going to play it, but I am imagining telling my boss and his stupid fucking wife to get fucked over and over again in my head. Then I imagine beating them to a stupid bloody pulp. I’m not a violent person but SHIT, don’t steal from me you god dam bastards.[/color]”

That will all subside within 24 months of your finalizing the association. All those who know how you’ve been abused will miss the thrill of seeing you suffer. They won’t blink over the damage they’ve caused you, however.

Don’t you just hate what ‘they’ can do to otherwise balanced, friendly people?

There’s no need to let any of those healthy urges get you down, though. That is simply the normal response of the human being who poses a thing called ‘soul’.

The important lesson remains intact. Mastery of evil requires overcoming more than mere morality.




What’s with people still posting the link? I don’t get it. Its been dead for years so how is it that random people join the Flob and then post that link? Anyone here know?


Seems to be alive, but it redirects to a weird address.


Crap site but very good metatags, I’m guessing.


That’s just it. Someone is domain parking it. Happens all the time. Usually whoever is camping on that site threw a placeholder index page which redirects ads using keywords affiliated with the original site/local searches.

So NO: the site isn’t alive, its deader than my love life on any given night. Which means, pretty cold and in the ground. Meaning I haven’t had much in the way of romance lately.

What were we talking about again?


I’ve worked for two Catholic schools in Taiwan and I’m thoroughly convinced that their God empowers them to commit any sin they want, for any reason and at any time. Believe me, I’ve committed my sins during my lifetime and am sharp enough to know that I’m not perfect!

The first Catholic school I worked for is notorious for suckering teachers to flock to the island promising work permit and ARC within two months. At least in a dozen teachers’ cases, we all finally left after continuous forced visa runs.

This writer’s first experience has already been very well documented by another member’s post: Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary, Keelung. A lot has been written about this school and its evil Moon, but I’d like to clear up a point which perhaps only a Catholic or a former Catholic would readily understand. Father Yao built the huge school beginning in 1960 and as such, governance remained in his name. I saw him last when I quit on January 1, 2009. He and the two other priests performed Christmas Mass on December 24, 2008, which all students and teachers were required to attend. That is clear proof that Sacred Heart is indeed still a Catholic school.

When the storm exploded regarding the unethical practices performed against foreign teachers, the archdiocese of Taipei was indeed contacted by the offended teachers’ lawyer. They were asked to help the foreign teachers. The archdiocese responded that the school wasn’t their responsibility and did not belong to the archdiocese. Well, that was a fine feat of hair splitting.

No, it’s true; the school does not belong to the archdiocese. It belongs to the Jesuit order, since Father Yao is or was a Jesuit. (I use the past tense because I don’t know if he’s still living.) I know firsthand that while I was there two priests (one I believe was a Monsignor) waltzed into where I was teaching, did an inspection of the building and then left. I was told that when Father Yao shuffles off this mortal coil, the Jesuit order will assume ownership of the huge school. So, yes, the archdiocese was correct in saying the school wasn’t their problem. It however still fell under the jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, more specifically, the pope. The Jesuit order serves at the immediate discretion of the pope.

The correct office had not been contacted. The correct office would have been the Papal Nuncio, the ambassador of the Vatican in Taipei. I contacted him directly on several occasions, but he chose not to respond or to offer to help settle the storm.

My last experience involved a contract that turned out to have a fluctuating salary! Its name I cannot divulge yet!
As it happened, any time the school cancelled a class, sometimes without prior notice, they would simply deduct the amount from my pay. I met with the principal and three other administrators and explained that the contract allows the school to deduct if I’m late or if I cancel. It does not allow a deduction for a class the school cancels.

The principal said he would honor the contract salary if I help him out with projects in June. I said sure. The next week his vice-principal presented me with a new schedule with reduced my salary by 30%.

Later a Taiwanese teacher told me never to question the principal about anything.
I was told that he gets very angry and likes to indulge himself in revenge. She, in the same breath, described the principal as being VERY RELIGIOUS. That I do believe!

The only descriptor I can use regarding these two schools is they are completely arbitrary. Catholic schools are very powerful in Taiwan and foreigners don’t stand a chance.


I am curious. Does anyone know of any buxibans that don’t either have a penalty payable, or loss of bonuses, for premature breach. To my knowledge this is the norm, and although I suspect that there may be some schools out there that do things differently, I expect that most school have some form of penalty.

Opinions about whether penalties should be levied in the first place aside, the penalty at Julia doesn’t seem to be too excessive to me. I am not sure that you will find a better deal elsewhere, but am interested in hearing if there is one![/quote]

If a teacher does not complete the contract. I ask.

1.) To repay the ARC fee and the Physical fee (I pay for both.)

2.) I also ask for the teachers to repay the 25 training hours that I pay them to attend ( it is half pay so it isn’t too much).

I don’t penalize teachers for leaving early.[/quote]Why would any teacher pay a deposit of NT$10000 to start working at any school?


As in with most cases teaching english in taiwan, we (the teachers) are merely entertainers…the kids are the bosses (gotta make them happy) with dollar signs on thier heads and the lao’bans are the profiteers with no real business opening any school.
Ive taught all over Taiwan…but mostly in Taichung…so all taichungers…this for you guys!
Bad news buxibans :
Ryan English School…small, disorganized, rude students, odd teaching hours
Hess…all of them!
Amy’s english school…run by herself, unstable, diminishing hrs. will fire & hire at will!
and…drumroll the WORST school of ALL award goes to…Josephine American School!!! :thumbsdown: (run by Linda & Josephine …yes she used her name and even has her mural painted on the side of the building…lmao)
I could write volumes on how bad this school is…but ill save you the time & just write a few…if you’re still not convinced, go there , they’ll hire anyone with a white face!~

bad students…and ive seen bad…but not like these…
poor english skills by the staff & students…eg, T.A’s, boss,counter staff…etc…
unskilled multi-cultural teachers fresh off the plane (they hire anyone) we had SA, Brit,Can.Italy, French…
lie, steal, fire & hire at will…including their own chinese staff
terrible cirriculum…lots of paperwork,marking & test making each month…no raises…
the list goes on & on…
*update :JAS will be closing for good come next semester…not surprised, word gets around fast


To keep this thread focused I split some recent posts to a [url= thread[/url]


Ok. But I really would have rather seen Weig’s post included in the new thread. His post is a list of poorly written non-specifics and irrelevencies-- not to mention a bigoted swipe at whole groups of people. I don’t think these schools deserve to be listed. Does his post really deserve to stay here? Anyway, your call, so I’ll say no more. :bow:


Marginally so I guess. Your points are noted, and specific rebuttals are always welcome.


I just quit this new cram school called I-Kids in Taipei, without notice. The guy was lying since day 1. I started this new job as a teacher there in the beginning of June. They promised me a salary of $50,000, and all I had to do was teach 22 hours a week, and some office work. My hours of work were supposed to be from 11am to 7pm. I told the guy that I had a second teaching job, and had to leave at 7pm. Sounds like a good job, right? Well, 22 hours became 27.5 hours, sometimes 30+. Then I had to teach on a Saturday, and a couple of times, at 8:30 in the morning for some summer classes. I got stuck as the only English teacher at a school with 30 students. I had to teach 5.5 hours everyday, without a single break. One day, the topic was brought up, about how he was working me to death, without a break. His only response was,“Well, it’s so busy in here, I don’t get a break either.” After about a month, I was told to quit my second teaching job, to help out after 7pm. In addition, I was told specifically that there was also no overtime pay. I tried to quit, and was told that I would be fined $15,000 for quitting. Because I was afraid of not getting paid at all, I played it cool until payday, then left the school without notice. This wasn’t done without consequences either. I did lose a week of pay. This was after 2 and a half months of total misery, working an average of 50 hours a week. On the last day that I was there, my boss had a meeting with me. He told me that I was going to be teaching a kindergarten class in the morning. That meant, teaching at least 40 hours a week(possibly more), plus an additional 15 hours of office work a week. And, they also had some lame overnight outing that I was asked to attend that week, where I had to teach English, and play games, for no extra pay. Plus, I was asked again to quit my second teaching job. All this was asked of me, for only $50,000 a month. He was always opening new classes because he didn’t have to pay me hourly. What a bastard. He didn’t want to hire another teacher because by making me do all the work, he saves himself money. I was actually doing the work of 3 teachers. So, needless to say, I didn’t come back the next day. Of course, I made sure that I got paid first. That school is called I-Kids. So, he may be posting an ad on Tealit soon, since he has no teacher now. The school is in Taipei, Daan District. Avoid that school like the plague. All he does is lie, lie, lie, and make fake promises that he never goes through with. And his entire cirriculum was extremely lame. He wanted me to teach things that were too far above grade level for his students. Here’s a good example. That idiot wanted me to teach tag questions, to 7 and 8 year olds. Questions like, “You have my keys, haven’t you?” Or, “You didn’t go to school, did you?” I was teaching this to kids, who were still having problems with contractions. So I thought, ok, I will just give them the answers in class because this is ridiculous. One student raised her hands and asked me, “Teacher how do you spell haven’t?” I couldn’t even give them the answers because this was so above grade level. This school tops the charts as the most lame cram school in all of Taiwan. Everything about that school is ridiculous.


You did well to leave that school. Legally you should not be asked to teach more than 32 contact hours per week and, I think, no more than 4 1/2 hours without a 30 minute break. I’m not certain about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s the case.

I assume you must mean ‘300’ students, not 30?