Blair's Speech: Global Terrorism & Overhauling the UN

Just some of the topics covered in a typically powerful and impassioned speech by Blair yesterday. Well worth the long read:


“The truth is, as was abundantly plain in the motion before the House of Commons on 18 March, we went to war to enforce compliance with UN Resolutions.”
Tony Blair

"Mr Blix said that while it was possible to argue that Iraq had breached the ceasefire by violating UN resolutions adopted since 1991, the “ownership” of the resolutions rested with the entire 15-member Security Council and not with individual states. “It’s the Security Council that is party to the ceasefire, not the UK and US individually, and therefore it is the council that has ownership of the ceasefire . . . .”

He said to challenge that interpretation would set a dangerous precedent. “Any individual member could take a view - the Russians could take one view, the Chinese could take another, they could be at war with each other, theoretically,” Mr Blix said."

I thought it was an excellent speech.

Thank you Closet Queen:

Blair has summed up the issues in a most eloquent manner. I agree completely with his sentiments.