Blaring car alarm driving me insane!

Original Title: AAAARRRGHHHH!!!

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There has been a blaring car alarm going off for the past 40 minutes and NO ONE is shutting it off and it doesn’t seem to be going off on it’s own.
If the owner doesn’t come back and this thing goes off all night i’m going to lose it

anything i can do (besides retrain myself from smashing his window’s in)?
i suppose the police would be useles…

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You leave whip cream and eggs all over the car…just a joke. But hang in there, it will eventually be turned off

I personally would go punch its side mirror off!

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right under my fucking window to boot.
called the “english” police line… they’re sitting out there trying to locate the owner through the license plate number.

i hope they tow it.


my god, and what doth ignorantly waddle up the street? some stupid anorexic looking xiao jie in cockroach kickers, not thinking her bloody car alarm going off for over AN HOUR is a big deal.

i hate the mindset in this place. :fume:

nice to see the cops rip into her though. stupid bi*ch

watch it with that kind of talk, that could get you in to some deep water around here :smiley:

Frost Wrote:

I personally would go punch its side mirror off!

Don’t encourage any repeats :raspberry:

I’m surprised to hear that the police replied promptly, and actually tried to do something about it. Maybe the place is improving after all.

i was really surprised too, but they were there within 7-10 minutes of calling and did everything they could to locate the owner through the license plate number. and when the woman finally came, it was nice to see someone get reprimanded for their selfish, shithead behavior.

I love happy endings.

But does she LEARN anything from this? No. Will she do it again? Yes Yes Yes.

Times 23 million people on this island, and you know it will happen again and again.

but hey, it happens in NYC and Toronto too. Polite Tokyo too.

Buy ear plugs

You did the right thing by calling the police. Sorts of puts paid the Mordeths claim they the police here are useless.

Good thing you didnt mash the car otherwise the police would have been looking for you.

When I was living in Shilin in 1989 I was on my rooftop balcony and I saw a small truck reverse down the road. The driver was careless and ploughed down the side of the car at about 15kmh. He looked around to see if anyone had seen him and promptly bolted. I took his number down and left a note on the car.

The owner called me and then called the police. The got thedriver to return to the scene of the crime, took 8 X 10 colour glossy photographs and a statement from me.

The truck driver tried to claim it wasn’t him, but he had the paint from the car still on his truck. He also wanted to have a go at me and the cops cuffed him.

The police here will help out if you bother to call them. Nice to see your situation was finally solved. Pity the cops didn’t give her a ticket for undue noise, which they can do if you insist.

Just last night I was sitting in my car waiting for someone when the police arrived and spoke with a guy just down the street in front of me. The guy had been parked in by another car that was also slowing traffic that had to squeeze by the double parked vehicle. The guy blocked in was doing the horn thing all no no avail, and the police were on their radios - contacting a tow truck I assume. Going on thirty minutes later the tow truck had still not arrived, but I am sure that it couldn’t have been far away, when the owner of the car just wandered down the street.

The police took his licence, asked him to let the other guy out and then started doing some paperwork - I assume they were giving him a fine.

My friend arrived and as I had to drive past them I couldn’t help myself, wound down my window and gave him a piece of my mind.

I basically asked him if he realized how selfish he was being, and pointed out that the other guy had been waiting for close to half an hour. I asked the rhetorical question of ‘How would you feel if you were the guy that was blocked in?’ and said that I hoped he would think of others when parking his car next time. The guy was in his thirties and he gave me the ususal nod and wave of ‘Bu hao yi si’.

One of the cops said something to him to the effect of ‘See, how everyone feels about parking selfishly? Even foreigners know the problem.’ The cop thanked me for my words and off I drove hoping that my words would help let the guy know how unpopular his actions were. I am wise enough to know however that the incident is unlikely to have any effect upon the guys future parking choices - but I guess that there is some hope.

I can confirm that the police did respond quite promptly and seemed genuine in their efforts to remove the car. They also seemed quite serious in their follow-up with the guy, although personally I wish that he had been towed as the fine and inconvenience would have been the best penalty!

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It happened AGAIN!!! I can’t f-ing beleive it. Same car, illegally parked in the same spot, same alarm that wouldn’t go off. WTF!!!

Called the police AGAIN. They came AGAIN. Cockroach kicker Xiao Jie came AGAIN… what is with some of these people!!! :loco:

I would feel like an ass if my car woke up the entire neighborhood in the middle of the night. i would be incredibly embarassed and humilated to have everyone on the street sneering at me with cops ripping into me for the second time.

If there weren’t so many cameras on my street pointing in every which direction, I’d go right out of my mind and destroy her car. :smiling_imp:

There should be a limit on bu hau yi se’s. one a month. that’s it. the rest of the time you have to be accountable for your behavior and suffer the consequences.

Car alarms are the most devious, impractical, useless electronic device created since the self-cleaning vacuum.

Have you EVER heard of a car alarm actually preventing a car from being stolen? And, as your example clearly demonstrates, if in fact this car was being stolen, the thief could’ve easily driven it away while the idiot owner slept like a baby.

Dumb. Dumb. DUMB! :loco:

In truth, I’m not sure I disagree with you, wonder. But just to play devil’s advocate for a moment – it’s not clear to me that this car owner is not getting any benefit from her alarm.

Sure, a quick and efficient thief might snag the car and be on his way. But a first-timer, or a more indept thief might take a while to get it hot-wired. In the intervening minutes, Mrs. Cockroach Kicker can be confident that as she sleeps blissfully in her bed – her good neighbor bushibanned will have summoned the police to the scene to apprehend the bumbling criminal! :bravo:

I recommend an investment in a paintgun :slight_smile: Just uh…remember not to put the paintballs in the freezer. Yeah that would be bad… :smiling_imp:

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a “cockroach kicker”?

Pardon my ignorance, but what’s a “cockroach kicker”?[/quote]

My guess is that “cockroach kickers” are the pointy shoes favored by the fashion challenged, correct?

that is correct :bravo:

[quote=“wonder”]Car alarms are the most devious, impractical, useless electronic device created since the self-cleaning vacuum.[/quote]Judging by the numbers of cars I’ve seen being driven with blaring alarms, and the amount of attention paid to them, I’d agree with you. All it’s going to do is piss off your neighbors.
I’ve seen many cars vandalized or stolen and dumped out of earshot because their alarm was too sensitive.

Next time this happens make sure you get the cops name and cell number so you can get the same guy on the case after that. They do not appreciate having to deal with the same problem over and over.