Blocking an unwanted caller

I have a pay as you go sim card from Taiwan mobile. I know how to prevent my caller ID going through (place #31# before the number) but how do you block a certain number from calling you? It is not a major problem…just a minor annoyance. I can simply ignore the number…but prefer to not receive the call in the first place.

Different phones have different settings. You have to tell us what kind of phone you have if you want a specific answer. (Brand and model number)

Thanks for getting back. It’s a Sony Ericsson J100i. A very basic phone - and I mean basic, probably about 4 years old - there is nothing in the menus that does anything useful.

I just glanced at the user guide for your phone. You simply do not have the option to block callers. All you can do is ignore the calls as you have been doing.

Yes I had already done that, I just thought there maybe a network way of doing it. Thanks anyway.

or tell the caller to not call you, old fashioned but it always works :wink:

Can you change the ringtone for individual callers? Set the ringtone for that person to a silent ringtone!

They can keep calling, but you’ll never hear it. Eventually they’ll stop calling, since you never pick up.