Blocking PMs?

Is there nothing I can do to disallow some ignorant inbred cunt from sending me annoying PMs, despite them being Foe status???

Oh dude man, come on I haven’t done that for aaaaaaaages, and its you who keeps telling everyone I don’t have a job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t be daft, you aren’t inbred.

I think it is a racist concept to tell me to stop sending annoying PMs.

But DID you look at the link? It has REALLY cute kittens in it. One of them is even wearing a wee hat thing.

Seriously, what I do (or would do, as obviously I’m so nice that nobody ever sends me anything rude or nasty) is just fire back the rudest, most disgusting, threat-filled diatribe you can think of, and then just delete the responses without opening them. Easy peasy.
You need to remember, a twat who’s too shit-scared to say something in front of others is just a stupid cunt in any case, and is therefore totally ignorable.
Unless its maoman doing it. That would be different. And honest, its TRUE! He really DOES think you have fulsome buttocks. He’s mentioned it to me many times.