Bloggers of Taiwan

OK. I tried to attend the gathering in September but couldn’t make it. I was in the UK or just back… Sorry, guys!

I’ve decided to see if I can’t get a small group of bloggers together initially in Taipei one Saturday afternoon to discuss blogging and make some connections…

I’m planning to make this a regular thing with a chance to socialise, present topics and discuss issues related to blogging (it’s going to be relaxed and informative, I hope!)

I’m looking at the Saturday 29th in the afternoon… Anyone interested? If so, please add your name to this thread. I’ll gladly create a mailing list, and set up a presentation or two (anyone interested in talking about their blog?)… I don’t have a venue yet (and that depends on how many are interested…)

So let’s see … Sign Up on this form! Once there are enough replies, I’ll create a formal notice using MeetUp. But I’d rather start small … (I’m not wildly ambitious, really)! :whistle:


OK. I’m bumping my thread… why? I was surprised…

The initial idea is to get bloggers from Taiwan who specifically blog in English (or other languages) to come and share ideas.

I’m planning this to be on a regular basis, approximately every two months or so (more if people think it’s really good)…

I’m planning to explore a whole range of issues: writing, blogging, software, hardware, marketing, photography, business side of things, techniques, tips, social chinwag, etc…

I’m hoping that we’ll get about 10 people together for the first meet, if possible. That’s me, and nine others!.. So who’s in?


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