Blogs by Military Personnel in the Mid East Wars

A new facet to war is the blog. It has evolved into a fascinating contact point for soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines serving far from home. They are subject to some controversy, but they are still alive and functioning.
In another thread, a poster from a european country which will not be named, made some rather disparaging
observations on what the US Mil personnel in Iraq/Afghanistan would be saying once they returned from
their service in the Mid-East. This got me to thinking. I have read, and still do read, the occasional
MilBlog of troops serving. Why not post access to some of these and let people see for theirself what
the attitudes, opinions, bithches and joys asre of those actually in the mix.
I think it will be surprising to some people. I also hope to post a listing of Iraqui, and Afghani if possible,
civilian blog sites to show some real opinions of the civilians in this area.

Many thanks to BLACKFIVE for the listings below:(He’s still
pretty sharp for a drunken ex-paratrooper)

Army In Iraq
SFC Kevin Kelly’s Dixie Sappers (closing down)
Thunder Six’s 365 and a wakeup
Major K’s Strength and Honor
Lt Currie’s Sic Vis Pace, Para Bellum
Who’s Your Baghdaddy
My Vacation in Iraq
A Day In Iraq
Specialist Jason Pierce
Ma Deuce Gunner (Scouts OUT!)
Hello from Hell
Opinion Inc.
Sergeant Steven Kiel
Sapper Sergeant
Dog Hostage
Reverse Retina
Lance In Iraq
Middle of Nowhere and Two Feet from Hell
Phil and Becky
Jon Jivian
Ryan and Christie’s Place
Intel Dump (Phil Carter - 101st ABN)

Army in Afghanistan
Firepower Forward
Argghhh! - (has a contributor in the 'stan)
Going Down Range
Xavier’s Life In X Minor
Sonny Louie
The Hooker and His Girl

Special Operations Bloggers
Froggy Ruminations (SEAL)
SF Alpha Geek (SF - OEF Vet)
Uncle Jimbo (SF Vet)
JB’s Sanctuary (SF)
Jack Army (SF)
Michael Yon (SF Vet - now an embedded blogger in Iraq)

More MilBlogs in Iraq and Afghanistan and elsewhere listed in the Extended Section:
Continue reading “MilBlogs - Blackfive’s Favorites
This list also includes Brit & Canadian Mil Bloggers. Also blogs by family members.

Hope some of you enjoy it.

Aas mentioned above, here is a blog by an Iraqui in Baghdad.
This man was one of the 1st Iraqui bloggers to report on the conflict. Some of his early posts are pretty wild. He has developed a good style and is widely read now.
On the right side of his page he has a long listing of links to other Iraqui bloggers. Hopefully some will find their postings of interest.
A lot of things you won’t get to see or read from the usual suspects.

[quote]Iraq the Model Blog
"Thursday, October 20, 2005

The trial, as some Iraqis see it…
The hot topic in Baghdad today is Saddam

TC, do the military blogs mention anyting about being censured by their commanding officers?

And I’ve been reading Iraq The model for a long time. He’s got a very good head on his shoulders IMHO.

OPSEC became a very big topic when the # of mil blogs skyrocketed about a year and a half ago. It was a big topic on about all of the blogs. In fact one of my personal favs was shut down and eventually he stopped blogging. He was made into a ‘test case’ by his JAG for his blog and it just became more of a hassle than he wanted.
Most issues have now been resolved as everyone has learned to play insde the rules - as soldiers quickly learn to do.
Now the just tell their 1st Sarge that they have a blog. He passes the info on to the S2, who files it away for later viewing when things get slow. Its a game of CYA as usual. The blogs, like all life, run hot & cold.
But they are there.

Excellent info.
Thanks TainanCowboy.

Another good Iraqui blog that been around since Nov 2003.

The Messopotamian brings a slightly different view on things in the mid-east war.