Blokey boy cat seeks permanent home


This is Qian Qian, who we’ve been fostering for Animals Taiwan for the last few months. He’s a great cat. As I write this he’s pouncing around the bed, hunting the laptop power lead. He doesn’t much like being stroked but if you rub his tummy when he’s in the right mood he’s putty in your hands. He gets an ‘I know this is undignified but I can’t help myself’ look on his face.

As you can see, his tummy’s bare because he loves it so much he grooms all the hair off it. He gets on well with other cats, and loves to play (which might involve some pouncing). Here he is doing the Yin Yang with our other foster cat (she’s got some health problems and isn’t ready for adoption yet).

When people adopt cats they usually want kittens, which means adult cats can spend a very long time in shelters. Much as we love Qian Qian, we’d like to be able to help out more of his friends back at the shelter. He’s around two years old, neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations. As he’s a rescue cat, there is a fee involved in his adoption, but Animals Taiwan can talk to you more about that.

If you like your cats with a bit of personality, Qian Qian is the cat for you.

Please pm me if you’d like to know more or arrange to pop over and meet him.

Thanks for your time.