Blood Tests

I have two cats - Burke and Hare - found in a bush last May. I am currently trying to get them back to the UK to London. I have had them microchipped, vacinnated and now I am trying to get their bloody blood tests done which is proving difficult because they must be sent off to Australia. does anyone know of a company which produces the transport containers for the blood test samples? I also am looking for a courier company which will post and return these to Australia - know of one?

Please help, am at wits end. Our vet is VERY new to all of this!

Hi, charmian1981.

The blood tests do not need to go to Australia, which is one of the most expensive places to get them done.

Try Finland (see the website for details of approved labs), It’s much, much cheaper, and easier to send there than Oz.

Great that you’re taking your kits with you, BTW. :bravo: :notworthy: :slight_smile:

The closest would probably be a lab in Japan. Not sure if that’s the cheapest solution, though.

My vet (Dr. Yang in Tianmu) sent the blood to Belgium. Maybe your vet could get in touch with him? Contacts are in the sticky vet list thread.

Btw, make sure to keep the bloodtest certificate. It’s valid for a whole two years and you might need it if you travel elsewhere during that time.


[color=darkblue][color=indigo]Our cats are so cute !My boyfriend’s sister’s having them in London. It’s great - they’ll have a garden to run around in. Unlike our neighbours cat which is kept outside and tied up. She has to cry if she wants to go in.[/color]

Thanks for your help, our vet IS very new to it! You can see he DOES love animals, he’s so good with the cats.