Bloodsport in the Bayou: Libertarian vs. 'Statist'

Who won the debate?

  • Walter "Well what do you say about the virgins?" Block
  • Richard "My posse and I will protect the virgins" Epstein

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For those interested in political philosophy debates (I know, I know I just lost most of the crowd :laughing: ), I recently dowloaded this debate, ostensibly on eminent domain and government takings powers. As often happens in these kind of debates, however, the subject broadened such that the two participants were basically each arguing for their own political philosophy: libertarianism vs. classical liberalism.

Representing the Libertarians,
Weighing in at 205 pounds,
From New Orleans, Louisiana

Walter “Mama said Knock You Out!” Block


Representing the Classical Liberals,
Weighing in at 185 pounds,
From Chicago, Illinois

Richard “$30 Million Man in Discount Clothing” Epstein

They start out very friendly. By the end of the debate, Block is basically accusing Epstein of being an evil Stalinist vampire.

The way that Epstein speaks is quite amazing if you haven’t heard him before. This is a guy that, when teaching his law school classes, can basically quote from memory word for word from any court decision in the 600 page book (and tell you what page it is). And he speaks off-the-cuff as if he had composed every sentence with a Thesaurus the day before.

My favorite line: “Okay, let me propose an experiment. We’ll create the nation’s largest national park. We’ll fence it off, and everyone who wants to go live in Walter’s libertarian community can do so. Then, in 20 years, we can open it back up… and exhume the bodies.” :laughing: Great stuff!

Ha ha ha. Libertarians are such dipshits.