Bloomberg Covid Ranking rates Taiwan #5 - why?

Bloomberg has always been a bit suspect on Chinese ass kissing.


Understatement of the year. :laughing:


Same with Singapore. Match made in heaven. Its another shit in the face of taiwan, which taiwan is used to eating. Its good to point it out for no other reason than to get the sheep to wake to the wolves outside their jail cells.

Aside from very small and remote island nations, no country has done better than taiwan this round of chinese disease release. And taiwan was actively ignored and pushed back against the entire time. even by the UN and WHO. People should REALLY know and understand this! And it should make them worried.


It looks like the vaccination stats were fairly evaluated in the end.


Uh huh.
Yeah .

Right on.


You seem to support stasi type police and CCP style snooping and shafting of the economy.

That’s why my friends in Australia look so happy right now being able to walk around without masks even.


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Sometimes we do things we don’t like to attain a goal. Not just in politics, but life in general.


Safe to say that’s not true. Ask the Aborigines…

Go back in time and ask the convicts.
Ask this guy .

There were probably no ‘civil liberties’ in those times.

Civil liberties are guarantees and freedoms that liberal governments commit not to abridge, either by legislation or judicial interpretation, without due process.

Sure there were. The catch was they often applied to a narrow subset of people.
Anyway…I’m pointing out how hyperbolic that headline is.

Compared to Taiwan? No way. They had very long lockdowns. I would call it a tie if and when we have 6 months of lockdown.

great breakfast buffets and 5-star tea house service(s)

The latest Bloomberg COVID Resilience Ranking showed that Taiwan fell from its previous fifth position to 15th, while neighboring Japan also dropped out of the top 10 list to 14th place from the previous seventh.


It’s all gone Pete Tong.

That ranking is retarded af.

Left to right: score - one month cases per 100k - one month fatality rate - total deaths per million - positive test rate - people covered by vaccine

Other than people covered by vaccine, Korea performs much worse in every single metric, and Korea’s vaccination rate is also very low, but of course Korea is #5 and Taiwan is #15. Japan performs way worse in every single way but they are of course #14.

I guess they just paid more, lol. This ranking is embarrassing, all it does is generate clickbait headlines to attract dumbasses.

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So you’re implying that Taiwan has been paying more to Bloomberg than other countries during the last couple of months but recently stopped their payments causing Taiwan to plummet in the list?

Moving forward, I think vaccination rate is far more important than most other measures. Maybe they should add another measure about the speed of vaccinations (maybe “months until herd immunity based on doses administered in the last month”) - but then Taiwan would be even further down the list, I guess.

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No. I am implying that other countries have always paid more. I remember at one point Japan was ranked #2 which is just fucking laughable. Taiwan was never #1 even when it was undisputably #1.

I wouldn’t worry about it - I’ve yet to see a comment from this user on any topic that doesn’t come across as absolutely clueless. It’s just the limitations of the shitty clickbait-y metric, as discussed above ages ago.

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