I have had 2 flats in 2 days, unuusally there was no debris in the outer tire- I am guessing they were blowouts. I don’t think the tires were overinflated but I was using the minipump pressure gauge which is a little inaccurate.
Do pacthes on the inners reduce the overall integrity? Patches certainly affect the shape. Should inners be replaced after a certain amount of mileage. Does a change in the temperature ( I am in Northern China at the moment but the inners are taiwanese make)affect integrity?

I’m a freelance mechanic. From my experience, tubes don’t perish as fast like tyres. Tube is hidden inside the tyre so there’s not much UV from sunlight to degrade the tube. In some cases, tube can last for a couple years and still in great condition.

Most tube failures come from either over/under inflation or puncture form the rim or tyre. If a patch is correctly performed, though it does effect the shape a little, it will be a permanent fix.

If you experience blowout twice in a row, it may indicate that the rim and tyre are of a bad fit. For some combination of cheap rim and bad quality tyre this truly happens. It can also be the tyre is so perished or has a cut, if that’s so, replace immediately.

Thankyou for the well informed response.

I had a similar problem. I think it has to do with tire design as well. I was using Schwalbe Marathon Racer 700x35 tires. On the front tire, I got a pinch flat from some paving stones and the rim damaged the tire a little bit (tore off a long shred of rubber near the bead.

I got explosive blowouts 2 more times (usually while on steep descents :astonished: ) on that tire before I decided that the thing must be terminal and replaced it. Later, I had a blowout on the rear tire as well (got a puncture flat on a long tiring ride and didn’t properly check that the tube was fully inside the bead) and the same shredding happened. I just threw the tire out right away.

So, 1. Be careful to always install and inspect the tube and bead properly and 2. Look for tire damage after a pinch flat/blowout and chuck the tire if something doesn’t look right.

Next time you get a blowout and have to change a tyre…remember how easy it is for you…got to give this guy some respect :bravo:

thanks for the information, When a tire goes I am always interested in what caused it and sometimes I just can’t frickin tell!