Blue Note

Tried to get in about 10:30 last Saturday, but the place was packed to the rafters.

Looks like a great spot for jazz.

Some info please.

The biggest problem with the Blue Note is ventilation. If you have breathing problems or Asthma, you have to write it off. I do enjoy the live jazz music though, but the smoke becomes unbearable after awhile. Brown Sugar when it has Jazz is a much nicer atmosphere.

The piano player is quite good, Japanese and graduated from the U of Berkeley(sp?). The other musicians have a range of talents.


The piano player is technically excellent, but a bit wooden in her delivery (its Berklee, the reknowned music college in Boston, though, not the California U. at Berkley). Her drummer and bass player play off sheet music – even when they’re soloing :shock: – so they are more like concrete than wood. However, they had a young tenor sax player from Texas or Kansas or one of those places a couple of weeks ago and he had a good solid Stanley Turrentine kind of Texas sound – big, powerful, muscly playing.

It does get smoky in there, though. Its one of the reasons I stopped playing there.


That’s the guy who was playing the other night.

Where do you play, now?

Don’t play sax much anymore since I came off the speed. Now I play really bad guitar for a couple of singer-songwriters. We haven’t played out much – did the Spring Scream thing a year or two back with a four-piece and now working on a new line-up with original material.

Keep us informed. I’d love to hear you play.

BTW, you don’t smoke???

[quote=“Alleycat”]Keep us informed. I’d love to hear you play.

BTW, you don’t smoke???[/quote]

That’s bad, as in “bad,” not a Michael Jackson bad as in “good” :wink:

And I smoke like a chimney – gives you an idea of how smoky it can get in Blue Note.