Blue Screen of Death in Beijing

ha ha ha … BSOD at the opening ceremony of the games…

Microcock was the official software provider, and Lenovo was the official computer provider and a major sponsor. they used Windws XP as the OS, because, let’s face it, Vista is a pile of poo filled with wriggling threadworms. (ever wormed a puppy?).

I bet they loved this one:

Indeed, your Maj, indeed. I am certain that the reason why most of my apps seem to crash when on M$ related sites such as MSN or dealing with PC-generated documents, etc., is that i have been specifically targeted for some Redmond retribution. Let’s not forget who provides much of the software for Echelon, after all. well, either that, or the fact that i use a Mac.

(Now I’ve blown it: TWO keywords in the one post. Damn. Where’s the edit button when you need it?)