Blue snitch buttons ---------------->

So what is it we’re supposed to report? Lame humor or Wade-Giles spellings?

Sorry, I just clicked on it and “reported” your post. Didn’t mean to!!! I had just never seen them before and wanted to see what would happen.

:blush: :blush: :blush:


It’s OK Iris, I just snitched on you too … :laughing:

What exactly does happen, anyway?

Does your notebook fall shut on your hands, crushing your wrists into a fine, powder-like concoction?

Or perhaps an entire herd of bin-lan, toilet slipper clad men descend on your doorstep. You open it to discover the reality is even worse … Jehovah’s Witnesses!!!

Or maybe you just “disappear” into a gulag.

Or your dog’s toes start to arrive in the mail, one at a time.

[color=darkblue]Tell me[/color]
. The suspense is killing me…

Thank you for your cooperation.

I was wondering why I kept getting alerts for clearly benign posts. It’s like the panic button in my apartment, you just want to see what happens, don’t you?

At least you haven’t got a [color=yellow]
[/color] button.
Or, god forbid, the ever so tempting [color=red]

Oh, so they are for reporting offensive posts?

I thought you were supposed to push them when you liked that post :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Is that the red button on the wall by my bed? My baby loves that button!


I didn’t even mean to hit the button, my finger slipped on the mouse pad and before I knew it I had “snitched”. Sure the post did have some #@$# words but I didn’t really need to hit the button.

Perhaps we need some confirmation or a window asking why we want to “snitch”. Like a box that asks “Hey, what’s your problem??!!” and an option to cancel our “Snitching”.

Perhaps a box asking for your ARC number could deter the “snitchers”.

Where has the snitch Button gone?

By Boss Hogg [quote]Where has the snitch Button gone?[/quote] Same place as our guanxi.

The Guanxi bank collapsed!!!


There goes my plans for adding an extra room onto my house and I guess that Segue BMW is history too!