Blue Truck Drivers VS Taxi Drivers - Battle To The Death!

I’ve too much time on my hands recently, and an inquisitive mind. After being targeted by a taxi driver, and then narrowly reshaped by a blue truck, I began visualizing the Ultimate Till The Death Scrap, between the aforementioned…

Who would win? Ting the Taxi Driver, cuz he’d call on his Tried&Tested Taxi Triads. Or Binlang The Blue Truck Driver, cuz he’s a lifter and carrier, physically more ‘potent’ than Ting the Taxi Driver.

Or how about a good, ol’ 20 on 20? With weapons of their choice, besides firearms (keeps the blood and guts spilling longer).

Your opinions, fight statistics and breakdown please…

In the late 80’s I saw what might be representative of the battle you envision.

Standing on the corner of Sinyi and Tunhua, I saw a blue truck driver rear-end a taxi at a very low speed. The taxi driver, highly pissed off, came at the truck driver with the 80’s weapon of choice, which at the time was a sharpened screwdriver. The Truck driver simply reached into the bed of his truck, pulled out an enormous length of rebar, and smashed the taxi drivers rear window out like a bomb. The two elderly passengers were showered with glass and jumped out of the cab. The truck driver then advanced on the taxi driver who rather wisely fled on foot as the trucker proceeded to destroy his cab.

Don’t know about 20 on 20 but mano-et-mano the truckers rule supreme.

I’d have to agree (especially since on occasion I’ve been a blue truck driver :smiley:).

I think times have changed since the 80’s, MJB.

Taxi’s and blue trucks have formed an alliance and the former rivals now prey on the unsuspecting public, causing a nuisance and general havoc.

Truck driver will win. Have been shown a sledge hammer before, so unless you have a .45 on you you will most likely loose out …

All moot as the bus driver supercedes all. He has right of weight. :notworthy:

How about those yellow dept. of sanitation sewer trucks that drive around with big hoses and suck out people’s septic tanks? I don’t think either the cabbies or the blue truckers would want to mess with the raw-sewage-mobile drivers…

they could at least use transparent pipes for a bit of entertainment.

[color=blue]Blue Trucks are the perfect Taiwan SUV[/color]

Dirt Merchant

you should be writing scripts for a new computer game, and I ain’t kidding.

All blue van drivers are total wankers. :fume:
After 2 weeks of driving around the mean streets of Shilin and Gueishan I have been amazed at the driving skills of the “blue van man.” Im being sexist cos no women have been seen behind the wheel of these beasts of the road. Blue van man often drives without his shirt on, usually aided by the filth nut - betel- and always, always stripped of rational thought. Last nights contender for “The Golden Biscuit Award” missed the on-ramp to the freeway, so he simply reversed down the centre of ChungDe (Chinese for Always Bloody Busy) Road till he could get on. His selective hearing blocked out the horns of angry drivers.
Save ICRT? I say start a campaign to rid Taiwan of the Blue Van Man.

TomTirades. :fume:

Tom, I moved your post here where we were talking about similar things.

[quote=“TomHill”]Save ICRT? I say start a campaign to rid Taiwan of the Blue Van Man.[/quote]Don’t you think allowing him to test his skills in the above mentioned professional sporting contest would be an appropriate outlet for his energies?

The taxi driver wouldn’t stand a chance. He (at some point) will have to pull out cos he doesnt want his yellow crap trap to get winged. Blue Van Man is in till the death. He has no fear, the filth nuts have numbed the pain. Dents actually add to the re-sale value of the blue van. :loco:

Another taxi observation:

When I am driving my car, or crossing the road, taxi’s move at the speed of light. When I am IN a taxi and paying for the service they move like one of those giant tutles clambering out of the ocean to lay its eggs.


Funny that the busses seem to be color blind at intersections despite their obvious bulk (or because of it?).

I was sitting innocently at a red light two days ago, busy intersection with scooters and cars everywhere, when this huge old bus comes through the red light and makes a left-hand turn as if it were nothing. :bravo:

Taiwan Traffic Rule #17.b: Never be the first or last to enter a busy intersection and always use a little blue truck or taxi as your shield regardless of traffic volume.