Blue trucks

We all know the proclivity of these drivers for idiot driving. Have stories too, no doubt, of near death experiences at their hands.

Yesterday I gave the bird (one finger salute) to one of these buffoons who did a u turn right in front me and then stopped, causing me to nearly hit him, hence the bird.

Next thing I know he drives after me, cuts me off, jumps out of his truck and starts screaming at me, grabs my hand to pull me off my bike…I drove off about twenty meters and gave him the bird with both hands. What followed was Pythonesque as I was really hacked off and decided to torment him.Should I have just given him a good old head butt with my helmet? Or done nothing?

You reacted perfectly to the situation. You are pure laowei, through and through.

[quote=“mcstrange”]What followed was Pythonesque as I was really hacked off and decided to torment him.[/quote]You need to tell the whole sordid story if you want full marks… Oh, and go check out an old thread titled ‘road rage’.

I remember the day I was in a bus and we stopped at lights beside one of these blue trucks. Three guys in the front. Nothing in the back part at all, except a baseball bat. Makes you think.

A few months back I was riding on a very straight section of 185 near Laiyi in Pig dung county. About a mile up the road I saw a blue truck coming toward me on the other side of the road. We get closer, and closer, and closer, and at the very last second he turns left across my lane! :loco:
The concept of right of way is unkown here.

I saw a “blue truck” today that was all macked out Indian style. It was all airbrushed in bright colours with pictures of dragons on it. I was quite impressed.

The truck pulled up to a light beside me. The guy in the passenger side rolled down the window and said to me (In chinese) “did you just finish class?”. I said yes. Then he said bye. Nice guy.

Then two seconds later he sped off and cut off a car that was passing him on the right as he tried to make a right turn from the left lane.


I had a real odd one just a few days back…

Being the courteous and responsible road user I am, I stop at red lights and yield to right of way (okay, you can stop laughing now).

There was a middle-aged blue-truck-drivin’ kinda-guy stood in the middle of a busy Taichung City road and since the lights ahead had just turned red I stopped and waved him across.

He immediately started waving his fists indignantly and shouting in Taiwanese so I tried to placate him by shouting in Mandarin that I wasn’t in any hurry and was letting him cross. For some reason this makes him even angrier and he storms over to his truck, slams the door and follows me down the road for a few minutes, waving his fists and shouting all the way.

By this point I was laughing so hard that I could hardly control my bike and shout out ‘what’s your f’in problem’? The door opens, at which point I get ready for a quick getaway, but nope - he slams it shut. And opens it. And slams it. While we waited for the lights to change, that guy gave his door everything he had and then some, bless him. His wonton anger satisfied, he sped off with a smug grin and hopefully booked himself into the nearest psychiatric instutition available.

Could turn that into a Steven Segal movie.


Always Be Prepared Against the Evil Forays of the Dreaded Blue-Truck Fiends!

Mind you, even some of the family sedans have bats, tasers and spray.

In any event, an array of three or more versatile defensive weapon systems will suffice. :wink:

I think that when the PRC/PLA attack the island, a major counter-insurgency group will be the dreaded [color=blue]Blue Truck Drivers.[/color]
Their alliance with certain elements of the [color=yellow]Yellow Cab Driver Front[/color] and the [color=green]Ninja Amah Alliance[/color] will make up a formidable foe to the attacking Red Hordes of communist China.

Binlang!.. get yer fresh binlang here!

Ah, blue trucks… Today while riding down a little alley behind the KFC in my little town, I saw a blue truck on its side. It’s driver was in the process of gathering its cargo. I remember thinking: “how on earth did you manage to flip your vehicle here? It’s a perfectly straight alley. Are you insane?!” Cargo? Propane tanks! :noway:

They manage it.

I was at a red light a few weeks ago (in the car lane, as usual) when a blue truck driver pulls up next to me and winds down the window.
I’m thinking “now what?” as the driver says “Hello, Hello!! You try…”
He offers me a Betel nut to which I refuse. However, after several attempts at making me chew the wretched tooth bleeder I give in, take my helmet off and put the thing in my mouth.

The light changes. We say our farewells. He drives off in one direction and I chew the betel nut while riding without a helmet in the other.

I pull over, spit the betel nut into the nearest drain without getting off my bike -but for the most part I’m off target and manage to get it all over the road and pavement. Strands of saliva and betelnut juice hang from my chin.

A government official appears to hand me my Taiwanese passport and I.D.card.

A government official appears to hand me my Taiwanese passport and I.D.card.[/quote]You know, I recognize a flat lie when I see one. If this story were true, he would also have issued you a wife-beater and a pair of blue slippers.