Blues Bash 5 Saturday Nov. 15

Blues Bash, now in its fifth year, is taking place tomorrow, Sat. Nov. 15 at the Dream Community in Xijhr. A whole mess of the blues, all day from 3pm until midnight.

[quote]The Blues Bash 5 is coming! November 15th, at the Dream Community in Xizhi (just
east of Taipei, see below). This year, we’ll have two outdoor stages (from 3 to 6pm)
and two indoor stages (from 6 to 12 midnight). As usual, the entertainment will be
top notch and drawn from all over the globe. Keep your eye on this site for
additional performer announcements as they come in.

This year, the outdoor concerts are free (3 to 6pm) but the indoor concerts will be
ticketed. Very cheap of course. Here’s the run down:

A ticket for the music–a baker’s dozen of bands playing on two stages from 6 to
12–is NT$200
A music ticket for the music and a limited edition BB5 T-shirt is NT$400.
A music ticket and a lottery ticket to win fabulous prizes from Casio, Cadeson
drums, guitars, CDs, Ts, etc is NT$350.
More lottery tickets can be purchased additionally.
Also, the outdoor/indoor migration will be led by a Blues Dream Parade with floats,
samba drum orchestra, giant puppets, scantily-clad beauties, etc.

International performers appearing at the Blues Bash 5:

   Musashino Minnie and Small Package

  Musashino Minnie and Small Package bring alive the sound of pre-war acoustic

Blues. Last year, Fumi and Naoto riveted the BB4 audiences with their soulful
artistic sensitivity, authenticity and boundless spirit and love of the Blues.
This year, they will surely weave a spell that will get our Mojo working and
return us to the more laid-back days of 78s, gramophones and Beale Street Juke

  The lineup features Musashino Minnie on vocals & guitar, Naoto Takeshita on

guitar, and Natsuko Tamura on bass.


  Nacomi grew up in Kyoto where the first Blues scene came to Japan in '70s. Her

father likes country music and Dixie Land Jazz Music very much, so she was
raised in a good musical environment. Everyday little Nacomi listened to Hank
Williams, Johnny Cash, Fats Domino and so on. She started to play guitar at
the age of 13 and formed her first band when she was 17. At Doshisha
University(a very famous university in Japan) she formed a girls’ Band and
participated in a famous band contest ‘8.8 ROCK DAY’. The band won fame and
started to play at many clubs and music festivals.

  After graduation, Nacomi left her music life for almost twenty years to work

and get married and raise two children. She returned in 2001 to the music
scene. Since then she started playing Blues, Jazz-Blues Music. She started
donation activity for Hurricane Katrina victims right after it hit Texas and
Louisiana and still keeps gathering and sending donations to Musicares, her
works spread all over Japan. Newspapers and TV programs have reported on her
many times.

  Nacomi will be appearing with her band, including Y. Ochiai on guitar, Sweet

Harp Kimura on harmonica, S. Nagai on bass, and S.Nakayama on drums.

   Lance Reegan-Diehl Band

  Possibly the biggest and best well-known rock/blues act in South Korea, this

multi-national foursome includes the exceptional Lance Reegan-Diehl (Canada)
on guitar and vocals, the soulful Megan Kim (Canadian/Korean) on vocals, and
the faultless David Dauberman (U.S.A.) on bass. While comparisons and debates
over similarities of style and influences are best left to seeing their show,
they have been described as ‘Yngwie Malmsteen meets Pink Floyd and Stevie
Ray-Vaughan.’ If you hear them play live, be it their own storming fresh
material or a cover song, you’ll find that the influences stretch from the
hardest rock right up to the deepest blues. The band themselves have been
playing together all over Korea for two years, and are also quite familiar
among the members of the U.S. Armed Forces in Asia for their numerous and
frequent performances to the troops on base.

  The L.R.D. Band's latest two albums are The Monday Night Blues, an all-blues

recording with 14 tracks and Internal Construction, with 12 tracks mixing hard
rock, blues, soulful lyrics and L.R.D.'s own distinctive sound. They can be
found on


  Featuring Shinsuke Kado on lead guitar and backing vocals, Makoto Uehara on

vocals, guitar and blues harp, and Seinosuke Ikezaki on bass, Jamsbee is a
3-piece Acoustic Rock Band from Tokyo, infused with Blues, Funk and Rock.
Enjoy their drumless funky acoustic sound!!

   Shun Kikuta 

  Returning for a second time to the Blues Bash, legendary guitarist Shun

Kikuta! Shunsuke “Shun” Kikuta was born in Utsunomiya City, a Tokyo suburb, in
1966. Over the years he has produced and collaborated on many blues
recordings, in addition to his own leading albums “They call me Shun” (later
released as “Me and my guitar” on Bluesox in the USA)," and Chicago Midnight"
in 1995 and 96. In 1996, when Shun attended “The Park Tower Blues Festival
'96” in Tokyo with his own band, the two shows at Park Tower were recorded
live and released as “Live! The 3rd Park Tower Blues Festival '96” Shun Kikuta
& J.W. Williams (later released as “Live and Kickin’” also on Bluesox).

        Now, while Shun still resides in Chicago, he is an internationally renowned

musician traveling around the world entertaining audiences with his soulful,
explosive, and heart-wrenching music. He crosses the globe several times each
year touring with Koko Taylor, “The Queen of Blues”. Shun is also currently
working on a new CD, which he plans to release in 2005.

 Taiwan-based artists performing at the 5th Blues Bash include:


  Steeped in the history of the Blues. Formed by DC Rapier, a Chicago

native and the former host of ‘The Blues Power Hour,’ the band is dedicated to
bringing the power of the Blues to Taiwan audiences. Joining him in the quest
for mo’ better Blues is Japanese virtuoso Aki “The Flame” Ikeda on guitar ,
Dafu Daisuke Neishi on drums, Canadian Michael Tennant on bass, Klaus Tseng on
keys and DC on vocals, harmonica and tenor sax. The band plays Chicago-style
Blues with an infectious passion that sets feet to tapping and booties

        Stevie Ray & Black Sheep

  Black Sheep were formed in 2004 and are dedicated to playing Blues music.

Stevie Ray, the band’s leader and guitarist is a Taiwan aborigine who was
inspired by the music of the great Texas Blues guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Stevie Ray feels that the Blues and the music of the Taiwan aborigine people
have much in common. Dafu, the band’s drummer taught percussion at MI Music
Academy in Japan. Hefu, the bass player, studied music theory in the USA
before coming to Taiwan. Black Sheep are determined to play the Blues and will
not submit to playing pop music.

  David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers

  Some call it blues, some call it jazz, some call it country, some call it

hillybilly swing – the Muddy Basin Ramblers love to it play it all. They
perform the music of the jug bands that emerged in the American south in the
1920s and 30s, which is traditionally a mixture of styles including country
blues, ragtime and jazz.

  The band members entertain and make noise (mostly musical!) using a variety of

string, brass, and “homemade” instruments, which include kazoos, a ceramic
jug, a washboard and a washtub bass. Their music will keep people singing
along, dancing or tapping their feet, with some friendly help from the band’s
tap dancer…

  For the Muddy Basin Ramblers, it's all about having fun and doing what they

enjoy most – learning and performing material from a treasure chest of early
American music, as well as some of their own songs. They’ve played on a
variety of stages — festivals, pubs, parties – and their favorite place to
play is in the mountains around Taipei.

  The band was started in 2002 by vocalist and guitarist David Chen, who started

to learn country blues and fingerpicking on the guitar when he moved to
Taiwan. The members of the band are: Tim Hogan on washboard and percussion; TC
Lin on washtub bass, baritone, and trumpet; Sandy Murray on ukulele and tenor
and soprano saxophones, Conor Prunty on harmonica and ukulele; and Will Thelin
on tap shoes, kazoos, and vocals. “Muddy Basin” refers to the Taipei Basin.

Event Schedule

Main Stage, outdoors

3:00~3:10 - Welcome statements; intros (DCR, MCs)
3:10~3:25 - (Tree Café Stage - 15 min)
3:25~3:30 - MCs raffle 1
3:30~3:40 - Jamsbee (10 min)
3:40~3:45 - MCs raffle 2
3:45~4:00 - (Tree Café Stage- 15 min)
4:00~4:05 - MCs raffle 3
4:15~4:20 - MCs raffle 4
4:20~4:35 - (Tree Café Stage - 15 min)
4:35~4:40 - MCs raffle 5
4:40~4:50 - Lance Reegan-Diehl Band
4:50~4:55 - MCs raffle 6
4:55~5:10 - (Tree Café Stage - 15 min)
5:10~5:15 - MCs raffle 7
5:15~5:25 - Nacomi (10 min)
5:25~5:30 - MCs raffle 8
5:30~5:45 - (Tree Café Stage - 15 min)
5:45~5:50 - MCs raffle 9
5:50~6:00 - Shun Kikuta (???)(10 min)

Tree Café Stage

3:00~3:10 - Welcome statements; intros (DCR, MCs)
3:10~3:25 - MoneyShot Horns (15 min)
3:25~3:30 - MCs raffle 1
3:30~3:40 - Main Stage; (10 min)
3:40~3:45 - MCs raffle 2
3:45~4:00 - Blues Vibrations (15 min)
4:00~4:05 - MCs raffle 3
4:05~4:15 - Main Stage (10 min)
4:15~4:20 - MCs raffle 4
4:20~4:35 - Black Sheep (15 min)
4:35~4:40 - MCs raffle 5
4:40~4:50 - Main Stage; (10 min)
4:50~4:55 - MCs raffle 6
4:55~5:10 - Muddy Basin Ramblers (15 min)
5:10~5:15 - MCs raffle 7
5:15~5:25 - Main Stage;(10 min)
5:25~5:30 - MCs raffle 8
5:30~5:45 - ??? (BoPoMoFo) (15 min)
5:45~5:50 - MCs raffle 9
5:50~6:00 - Main Stage (10 min)


6:30~6:35 - MCs raffle 10 Greetings
6:35~7:20 - BoPoMoFo (???)(45 min)
7:20~7:25 - MCs raffle 11
7:25~8:10 - Jamsbee (45 min)
8:10~8:15 - MCs raffle 12
8:15~9:00 - Musashino Minnie & Small Package (45 min)
9:00~9:05 - MCs raffle 13
9:05~9:50 - Lance Reegan-Diehl Band (45 min)
9:50~9:55 - MCs raffle 14
9:55~10:40 - Nacomi (45 min)
10:40~10:45 - MCs raffle 15
10:45~11:30 - Shun Kikuta band (45 min)
11:30~ ?? - Jamm Session

Coffee Shop Stage

6:10~6:15 - MCs raffle 16 Greetings
6:15~7:00 - MoneyShot Horns (45 min)
7:00~7:05 - MCs raffle 17
7:05~7:50 - Blues Vibrations (45 min)
7:50~7:55 - MCs raffle 18
7:55~8:40 - Muddy Basin Ramblers (45 min)
8:40~8:45 - MCs raffle 19
8:45~9:30 - Ah-yi & Celluloid (45 min)
9:30~9:35 - MCs raffle 20
9:35~10:20 - Black Sheep (45 min)
10:20~10:25 - MCs raffle 21
10:25~11:10 - Rising Hedons (45 min)
11:10~11:15 - MCs raffle 22


The Blues Bash 3 will be taking place in the spacious outdoor courtyard of the Dream
Community in Xizhi (Shijhih), just east of Taipei

Address: No. 95, Minzu 2nd Street, Sijhih City, Taipei County
Tel: 886-2-2695-9393

Suggestions for those who drive:

  1. Jhongshan Freeway, down the “Sijhih” Junction entrance, turn right to “Section 2
    of Datong Rd.”?Turn right to “Section 1 of Siwan Rd.”?Turn right to “Kangning
    Street”?Turn right to “Hucian street”?Reach the “Dream Community”-Parking lot in

  2. 2nd North freeway, down the “Sijhih?Nangang” Junction entrance, take the
    “Nangang” entrance, turn left to “Sintai 5th Road”?Tturn right to “Section 1 of
    Datong Rd.”?Turn left to “Jhongsing Road”?turn right to “Kangning Street”?Turn left
    to “Hucian Street”? Reach the “Dream Community”-Parking lot in TREE CAFE.

Suggestions for those taking train/MRT/bus:

  1. Get off at MRT stop “Kunyang”, then take bus “Blue 36”, then take off at stop
    “Beifong Li” of Sijhih, and then walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Dream

  2. Get off at MRT stop “Kunyang”, then take bus “817”, then take off at stop
    “Jinlong Li” or “Jinlong Elementary School” of Sijhih, and the walk for about 3
    minutes to reach the Dream Community

  3. Get off at MRT stop “Yuanshan”, then take bus “Red 2”, then take off at stop
    “Beifong Li” of Sijhih, and then walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Dream

  4. Get off at “Sijhih Train Station”, then take bus “629”, then take off at stop
    “Jinlong Elementary School”, and then walk for about 5 minutes to reach the Dream

  5. Other buses passing stop “Beifong Li”: 247?267?51?311

There will be volunteers waiting at the Kunyang MRT station and the bus stops in
Shijih to assist festival goers

Suggestions for those taking taxi:

Besides detailed address, it is recommended to tell the taxi driver the following
“Dream Community-TREE CAFE” at the exits of “Kangning Street” and “Hucian Street” of

Hope to see you there! It’ll be a lovely day. Bring the kids, too.

How come these things get announced at the last minute? I bet many people have made other plans for the weekend that they can’t back out of now.

You smell.

Can you tell me more about this?

Can you tell me more about this?[/quote]
I’ll be wearing my posing pouch.
Or maybe it’s referring to this:

Can you tell me more about this?[/quote]
I’ll be wearing my posing pouch.[/quote]

Which one’s you?

Which one’s you?