Blues guitarist wanted!

Hi, Taipei-based Blues Band BoPoMoFo is looking for a new BLUES guitarist to join us as a steady band member. More info and contacts on or PM me here, thanks! Xpet.

bump … still looking!!

two things:
T1) Take yourself up to Riverside on an open mic night and ask around.
2) When you find one let me know cuz GOD DO I MISS THE BLUES!!!

But seriously, go to riverside. Ask around. Ask for the owner. Ask him. If he isn’t there, leave him a note.

I heard there was a good blues band at Riverside this Saturday. Bloody Raison Gamblers or something like that.

Did that, done it, spoke to him, he knows, he’s looking, we’re looking … looking … looking …

@ Richardm: we’d ask DC, but he’s just too good for us! :wink:

Let me check (this is the part where you are supposed to pretend to wait on me as I check the sheet)

Hmmmm. Tonight they have a classic rock tribute band… may be some blues guitarists at that. … n/mbr.HTML
that is Saturday’s band. They are playing with … gxiang.htm

Do you play covers or originals? and how often is rehearsal?

dekoboko, just sent you a PM …