Blues Stacks PC, Export Chinese File Names to Windows

Windows 10, Bluestacks Android Emulator - Trying to save files with Chinese Names.
I have to process some files on an app only available to Android.
When I try to export the files with English Names there seems to be no problem. When I try to export files with Chinese Names, I get the error illustrated here.

As you can see, the Chinese File names appear as gobbledygook.
I figured that these may be non-unicode characters so I changed my setting to handle all non-unicode characters as Chinese Taiwan. This still did not fix the problem.

Except for being unable to export Chinese files, this android installation does all the tasks I need.
But I really need to be able to export Chinese File names. I do not mind changing emulators.
I just need it to work. Thanks.

I haven’t received a reply to this post. Maybe my headline isn’t good enough. For some reason I m unable to change it.
I am using an Android emulator for an app that is only available on Android.
Unfortunately, I’m unable to export my Chinese named files.
Please see my illustrations above. Thanks

My guess would be the export function garbles up the filenames.

Instead share them through cloud storage or use something like Pushbullet.

File names are encoded differently between different operating systems and file systems. In traditional file explorer apps, this isn’t a problem in most modern OS file manager apps as they are equipped to support the file systems they know. Transferring between these through the emulator, the information is lost as the encoding is likely not translated within the app as it attempts to rebuild the file. Chinese adds a whole layer of complexity when encoding text. The transfer might not even support encoding at all and simply fills in blanks when ‘corrupt’ information is found.

You won’t be able to do anything about it. I suggest either saving all your stuff to a NAS for sharing or set up a FTP or SAMBA or otherwise compatiblr-with-Chinese-encoding protocol server app on your emulator and use an app that supports Chinese encoding.

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Or, as last resource, renaming the file before the transfer and naming it back afterwards.

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In Windows 10 settings (not control panel), go to Settings > Time & Language, and install the Chinese (Taiwan) language pack.

This error occurs because there is no system-wide support for UTF8 implication by default.

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