Bluetooth Stereo Headsets for iPhone

Saw two different Motorola plastic wrap-around headsets at Guanghua that are quite nice and work with iPhone 3G 3.0. Friend has both and they are both nice.

But I’m looking for the Plantronics Voyager 855 which is stereo and has a wire around the back of the neck vs a solid connector over or around the head. Anyone seen it?

I haven’t seen the Plantronics in person but have read decent reviews. I’ve the white Moto S9’s but never wear them in the rain. Quality is what you’d expect. Sometime it cuts out, but not very often. Oh, and after you pair with your iPhone, if you’re listening to music (which I assume you would be when they’re on) push the lock/sleep button on top after you’ve selected your song; otherwise when your iPhone autolocks it will cut off the connection.

I kind of wish I didn’t buy the Moto though, not because it’s bad, but because the JayBird looks SO bad ass!

Looks uncomfortable…
You can get them online at least … 0822&c=A20