BMW F650GS Dakar edition for sale

I’m selling my beloved motorcycles, starting with the Dakar. This bike has been to absolutely everywhere in Taiwan, and has taken two people through all sort of roads and trails to the highest mountains. Beach trips, camping trips, group rides, commuting to work, day and night rides… you can do everything with this bike.

I’m hoping someone can take care of her and enjoy this beautiful island in the way only bikes enable you to do it. I had a blast with her and I’m sure you will too.

Some details:
Model name: BMW F650GS Dakar
Displacement: 649cc
Production year: 2005
Mileage: 35,000 miles
Heated grips
Battery is new
Additional USB charger
Additional “adventure” lights installed

Can throw in cases (original from BMW), can take plenty of load but are a bit beaten up.

The tyres are dual sport style and have plenty of tread left. The oil changes have been done on time and even earlier in many cases. The water pump assembly and the radiator have been serviced recently and work fine.

Mileage is pretty good, something around 25kmpl in the city, 30+ kmpl in long trips but I’m talking from the top of my head

Has passed the inspection days ago.

I’m asking for 150,000 NT.


Some more pics

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The style of it isn’t for me, but that’s a great price if she’s been well looked after


Sadly, too old (me, not the bike). Looks beautiful (the bike, not me).


Come on guys, 135,000NT anyone???

Open to hear any offers… kinda urgent…

Accepting offers of 100k+

Really need to let them go…


This is so tempting but,

1, Im a short arse and don’t really like tall bikes.
2, Don’t have the parking space at the moment.
3, Misses would kill me, (only 2 of us and we already have 4 vehicles).

After all this I’m still thinking how easy would it be to learn to ride something so tall, after 25 years of riding choppers and cruisers and a few cafe racers when I was working as a courier.

Can you put the price back up to stop me getting in trouble :wink:


Does this include the other one? Did you ever make a video for that? You never did tell me how big the cases are…

Both are negotiable. No video unfortunately. Panniers this big:

I am surprised you are still alive to have been able to post that.

its 2 each so she can’t say anything yet

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