Boardwalk Empire

Today, HBO is showing Boardwalk Empire Season 1 all day, minus of course the juicy bits.
Any fans?

Certainly Steve Buscemi is exceptional, as is Kelly MacDonald. The wardrobes are awesome, I love that style of fashion. And the music is great as well, with recordings by contemporary artists of that 20’s era music.

They take liberties with historical fact, but then who doesn’t?

I wish I had more than basic cable when I was back in North America last year, it would have been worth it just to see Season 1.

Apparently, a DVD will be on the Taiwan market soon.

Oh yeah! Season one blew me away. Loses a lot on TV here though.

One of my favorites, Buscemi really makes it believable along with the look of normal people.

S2 just finished and it was excellent.

I have seasons 1&2, courtesy of that fine gentleman Funk500. :notworthy: Great show.