Boat to ply waters between Suao and Hualian … id=2272819

Sounds very interesting. 10,000 plus ton car carrier to ply Suao to Hualian waters for 700nt each way.
On this big CAT:

Id do it.

I like the idea of going by ship, but it doesn’t make sense between Suao and Hualien. People with cars are not likely to take the ferry. While the traveling time might be a bit shorter, the overall time will probably longer (buying ticket, getting in line, getting on the ship, waiting for departure, getting off the ship).
I can only see people go on the ship who want to do something different, enjoy the scenery, etc. Same goes for people traveling by train, they won’t get off at Su’ao just to take the ferry, unless they want to enjoy the experience and the scenery. Now, if the ship would connect Keelung and Hualien, or Su’ao and Taitung, that would maybe more interesting. How about establishing a blue highway all the way from Keelung to Taitung with stops at Su’ao and Hualien? Probably too expensive…

It will still be running when the road is closed…

I think Suao is fine. It is much easier getting to Suao by car that Keelung.

I think you are right though that this is not about speed but the experience. Which is great and I see no reason people won’t want to do it. I mean the chance to see some of the world’s steepest sea cliffs, the cliffs that put the Formosa in Ilha Formosa is hugely appealing.

Eh, how about the possibility rough seas? This is not going to be like going to Orchid Island, right?

It won’t be plain sailing. I’d say, choppy.

Orchid is OK. The trip to Green Island is much worse imho. :s

??? its the same trip. Orchid is the next stop, and twice as far.

Well this is a 10,000 ton ocean going catamaran. So it is not going to be as rough as those much smaller vessels going to orchid and green island i would think.

The “Tai Ping” car ferry I took in (think it was 1980 or 81) from Keelung to Hualian was awesome. Wish I had taken it more times. Best use of 200nt ever ! That was a very smooth 10,000 tonner.
Also formerly served in Japan as an ocean going car ferry.

i heard that they plan to ferry cars by the end of this year

I would totally take this from Keelung.

IT would make SOOOO much more sense.

It would be fun to do it once but I’d much rather take the train. Cheaper and faster.

I thought having seen an article it WILL depart from a keeling.

Suao to Hualien is 70 km only - no one wants to drive 2 hours to Suao

Perhaps they will do Keelung to Suao to Hualian and back the same.

That would make even more sense.

and and this one

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