"Boatbuilder" in Chinese?

What is the word for boatbuilder in Chinese? In English there are a number of terms for this which have varying shades of meaning. For example, a yachtbuilder and a shipwright are not the same, a shipwright usually referring to a builder of large steel and ferro-cement commercial vessels. I’m looking for a term, if there is any, which connotates small wood or fiberglass boats and yachts.
Thanks all.

I’m guessing it would be 船匠 chuan2jiang4, ‘boatsmith’ if you will. My ABCC Dict. confirms the existence of this term, but I don’t think it’s common, as the two colleagues I asked say they’ve never heard it.

Try 造船人員


Could you render that in pinyin for me?

Tomas’s 造船人員 would be z

I asked more local colleagues, and none of them could think of how to say it, nor did any recognize any of the three above terms. One suggested 造船工人 zao4chuan2gong1ren2. Out of curiosity, why do you ask?

I’m curious because I’ve spent many years around boats and boating, both recreationally and professionally. By the way, I tried chuan2jiang4 out on a couple of people here who know me… they agreed that it fits.

Have a look at ship.org.tw/

From what I see there I would probably say 遊艇廠(商) or 遊艇設計 depending on whether you mean the company or the guy who designs them. As for the people that do the actual work, I’d probably say 遊艇木工 etc. as long as the yacht-context isn’t clear anyhow.