Bob Woodward now on the Left's hit list … ialeakcase

First the Left torpedoed Judith Miller’s career. Could Bob Woodward, the Grinch Who Stole Fitzmas, be close behind?? … &printer=1


Woodward rebuked over leak case

By Adam Entous
Sun Nov 20, 2:48 PM ET

The Washington Post’s ombudsman rebuked journalist Bob Woodward on Sunday for withholding what he knew about the CIA leak probe from his editor and for making public statements that were dismissive of the investigation without disclosing his own involvement.

One of the best-known investigative reporters in the United States, Woodward revealed last week that he testified under oath to special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that a senior Bush administration official told him in mid-June 2003 about CIA operative Valerie Plame’s position at the agency.

In a column highly critical of Woodward’s conduct, Washington Post ombudsman Deborah Howell said the newspaper took a “hit to its credibility” and called for more oversight of Woodward’s work.

Howell said Woodward committed a “deeply serious sin” by keeping Post Executive Editor Leonard Downie in the dark about his source for more than two years.

“He also committed another journalistic sin – commenting on National Public Radio and (CNN’s) “Larry King Live” about the Plame investigation without disclosing his early knowledge of Plame’s identity,” Howell wrote.

[b]In a series of television and radio interviews before publicly disclosing his involvement in the leak case, Woodward described the leak case as laughable and Fitzgerald’s behavior as “disgraceful.”

One day before Fitzgerald brought charges against Vice President Dick Cheney’s long-time chief of staff, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Woodward said he saw no evidence of criminal intent.[/b]

“He made a mistake going on television, giving his opinions about the investigation. … He shouldn’t have been expressing those opinions,” Downie added on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

Joseph Wilson, Plame’s husband, has called for an inquiry by The Washington Post into Woodward’s conduct, citing a similar investigation by The New York Times into the conduct of reporter Judith Miller, who resigned from The Times earlier this month.[/quote]

Good heavens! Woodward thinks the whole investigation was “laughable”! And he knew about Plame’s “secret” for a month before it was printed – from some OTHER source!

The Left must be gnawing its collective toenails off over this one. Horrors! A left-wing ICON has just shat on their entire favorite holiday!

And how DARE he make such comments! Doesn’t he know better than to say anything that might be SUPPORTIVE of the Bush administration?! The fool!

He’s dead, Jim.

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Uhm… yeah, Woodward’s conduct is the left’s fault. Even though it’s clear that his comments about Fitzgerald and the leak scandal was nothing more than a cleverly conceled attempt to cover his own butt, the left are the one’s that are somehow responsible (not woodward), and we should just look the other way.

Judth Miller. The was all the left’s fault, too. She didn’t do anything wrong, and they brought her down because they have so much power and influence in Washington. Even though they don’t have enough political might to zip their collective pants, they destroyed her career because they’re evil, evil, people.

You’re a funny guy, MaPoSquid.

I disagree rather strongly. Woodward’s statements are evidence that Plame’s “secret identity” is a bunch of crap – she was known on the cocktail party circuit for months.

As for Miller, she was a respected reporter on the NYT up until her reports disagreed with the Left’s orthodoxy on how Saddam was innocent of all charges and in fact was a choirboy who should be reinstated and receive a handsome apology from W for his troubles. Then suddenly she was a “liar” on WMDs who had had a “relationship” with Libby and who had to be thrown to the wolves.

In similar news yesterday, Canada is investigating an aircraft which may have landed to refuel in Newfoundland and which is rumored to be a CIA prisoner-transport plane. But I don’t see anyone – not even Spook! – decrying the “outing” of Devon Holding and Leasing as a CIA front by the news media and their “sources”.

I don’t see any evidence of what you are saying Squidly.

Woodward’s source was a senior White House offical at about the same time and we are talking little more than a week with in the time that Libby is under consideration. And he is charged not for leaking the in formation but for obstruction and perjury. If anything it is more daming of the White House. As for Woodward, if he had that information why didn’t he reveal it to the public to clarify times. He is supposed to be a journalist and part of their job is to ensure the integrity of the public process. He failed in this regard as triumphantly as he succeeded in the 70’s. Which only goes to prove how much the US media has been cowered by the White House since that time and because of that time. He is another victim of his own success. Corrupted by it or so it would seem. Too smug by half.

Woodward was hardly “cowered” by the White House – he very clearly has stated that he just didn’t want to be bothered with legal hassles while he finished his latest book. :unamused:

How selfless of him. I’ll make sure I run out and buy his latest book in that case. He wasn’t cowered but bought off by access, is that it?

It doesn’t seem like he was “bought off” in any way, shape, or form – would you care to explain what his connection to the Bush Administration is? :loco:

I just love how the sheeple of the Left throw their “heroes” to the wolves the instant that said “heroes” fail to march in lockstep with the sheeple. No honor among weasels, eh?

Yes, Squidly we’re all weasels. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. We’re all weasels. Give it a break.

What is your theory why Woodward kept secret from the public interest this knowledge? You put it down to him not wanting any hassles. Not wanting any hassels whilst White house officials are being indicted over the issue. Thank God for the perjury laws and subpoenas or we might not have heard about it at all unless of course we all waited for the book.

What I want is transparency. You some how think it is morally repugnant. Your petty insults are baby talk. Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.

Well, yes. When you try to “weasel out” of things by twisting words, making strawman arguments, and flinging poo, then yes, that is behaving in a weaselly manner.

Woodward clearly stated that he hid his involvement in order to avoid the legal hassles that would have taken time away from his book.

Then you run around screaming that he was “cowered” by the administration, and when I point out that this is hardly likely since he’s a left-biased reporter who hates the Bush administration and would love nothing more than to get a scoop that would damage Bush, you start ranting that he must have been “bought off by access” – without any evidence, nor any even any implication in the media.

Well, gee, gosh, golly, I thought it was quite clearly stated repeatedly. I have no fancy theory. I don’t believe that our insect overlords twiddled their antennae and forced him to hide his involvement in order to cover up their grand conspiracy to enslave the human race through their Insectchurian Candidate Bush, whose brain has been replaced by maggots and who is a puppet of the chitinaceous horde. I don’t believe that Bush kidnapped Woodward’s gay lover and is blackmailing him. I don’t believe that Bush is Woodward’s gay lover and is withholding sex. In fact, there are a lot of things that I don’t believe regarding the Woodward kerfuffle, and it would be tedious to enumerate them all.

On the other hand, Woodward had a book coming out, and he stated quite clearly that he just didn’t want the hassles while he finished it off. Is that so hard for you to understand?

Where did I come out against transparency? On the contrary, I think that your posts – trying to spin Woodward’s elitist “I want to concentrate on my salad”, er, “book” act as if it were somehow a result of White House pressure or privilege – as being not merely morally repugnant but also deliberately obfuscatory.

And now of course you are at the “fling poo” stage. Enjoy.

Legal hassles so that you can finish your book. :unamused: Sounds like a winner! It’s his living and credibility. They ought to be called into question. People have every right to do so. His editor thought so and so do I. You can call it what ever you like.

Keep squealing like a baby.

Legal hassles so that you can finish your book. :unamused: Sounds like a winner! It’s his living and credibility. They ought to be called into question. People have every right to do so. His editor thought so and so do I. You can call it what ever you like.

Keep squealing like a baby.[/quote]
On the other hand, I’m not so sure about the insect overlords bit when it comes to you – I’m fairly sure that you’ve been taken over. Deepest sympathies.