Bobwundaye 5th Anniv. Party Saturday (3/21) 3 pm to late

Taipei’s happeningist bar has come of age. It will also be the premier music venue for the day of its fifth birthday,

featuring a star-studded line up of performers……

3:00 – Party starts, cheap drinks, free BBQ food, Gary Glitter tries to gatecrash says he knows Bob etc.

Honorable guests:
4:00 – Dana Wylie Band (Dana Wylie & Jez Hellard)
5:00 – David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers, who presided over the Birth of Bob in 2004

6:00 – Greg Tackett, a guitarist’s guitarist, will be playing a solo acoustic set
From 7:00 on ~~ Who knows? A free for all!! Any & all musicians welcome to come and jam into the night.

Bobwundaye is near the Liuzhangli MRT at HePing E and JiLong. Go East on HePing E. road past JiLong Rd. (Keelung (Jilong) (Jilong) Rd.) to the first traffic light at JiaXing St., turn left and left again on 1st lane (you should see the blue illuminated sign at the corner of the lane). Said to be hard to find, so take the bar phone number: 23771772 in case you have trouble finding it.