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Does anyone know where the best place to get stuff like whey protein and creatine monohydrate is in Taipei? Or perhaps know of a good website that is able to ship to Taipei? Need to find some low prices. Looking to up my workout program which includes changing my diet. Any assistance would be greatly appreaciated.

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I have had enormous success building my body with beer.

There is a place, behind Sogo on ChungXiao b[/b]… I think it is called Powerhouse. They also have a branch on Zhong Shan North Road (section 5 I think) in Tien Mu b[/b] . They specialize in Body Building stuff, including a bunch of the Wieder products.

Also try GNC… various stores around Taipei.

Just be prepared to spend almost double what you would in the States or Canada.


There’s a store along the lane beside California fitness centre. They offer better prices than GNC, as well as provide a better range of products. You might be able to work them down a little on the price if you’re buying a few things.

However, Sharky’s got a good point… your best bet is still to ask a mate who’s traveelling o/s to pick something up… even if it’s from GNC.

Good luck, and please let us know how you went.

The Big Babou

I just checked out a range of protein powders availbale at the abovementioned store… it’s not cheap.

Assuming that whey protein comes from eggs, I’m guessing that one could get some benefit from a well-made smoothie.

Would it be possible to create your own using a mix of egg whites, fruit and milk?

How can I find out the protein value of one egg white?

Yellow beans
Meat - no fat

That’s the best I could do in Taichung county, but then we’re all hicks down here.

Yeah, but I was warned to stay off the egg yolks, as they’re full of fat! Lately I’ve been making shakes with skim milk + 1 banana = about 6-8 egg whites. I’m just wandering if this would come close to substituting a protein shake. At the cost of the former, I could afford to add about 50 egg whites and it would still be cheaper than the shakes sold at California or Gold’s…

Can anyone give the calorific and protein value of an egg white?

the average person really does not need that much protein in their diet.

personally i think protein shakes and powders are an unnecessary fad. if you are eating a diet where you aren’t starving, e.g. you’re getting 3 meals and you’re not suffering from malnutrition, you’re probably getting enough protein (unless you eat all foods devoid of protein). one piece of meat, eg. chicken or fish, should get you enough protein.

any excess protein doesn’t have any added value to body-building. most likely, it will be converted into something else; or you’ll piss it away. (i have to verify the facts on that. i remember my friend telling me that.)

You just have to put in what your body can use. If you are putting in extra but create a demand with muscle building exercise you can use the extra protein, or so I am led to believe.

What is the best method for gaing weight? I eat like a pig but never gain a pound. I work out 3 times a week at the gym, and was thinking about taking creatine, calorie shakes, or protein shakes. What is the best combo? Dosage? The cheapest?


[quote=“aceman”]What is the best method for gaing weight? I eat like a pig but never gain a pound. I work out 3 times a week at the gym, and was thinking about taking creatine, calorie shakes, or protein shakes. What is the best combo? Dosage? The cheapest?


Are you trying to just gain pounds or more muscle?

You might want to ask yourself if you’re getting in enough ZZs. Rest is essential for muscle-building.

creatine, protein shakes as far as I know aren’t for “weight gain”. (although protein and carbs do get converted into fat, but if that’s what you want, just eat more fatty foods). Maybe look at what you’re eating?

You also have to analyze your body type. your weight and height currently? maybe you just don’t have the body type that easily gains weight. I found that once I changed my ratio of food to exercise, I could easily gain weight, but in general I had always been thin.

Several years ago I bought a huge box of high-protein weight-gaining powder (about 6kg). After going through the whole box in maybe 2 months, I then calculated what I had gained… it was something like 300grams… I was rather unimpressed, but discovered that the problem was more to do with general diet than the “magic” of the protein powder.

So, I started eating pasta with chicken or tuna two-or-three times daily. I was working as an architect in a regional area of northern Australia at the time, and it raised a lot of eyebrows when I would arrive at meetings with drawings in one hand and a tupperware bowl full of pasta in the other… My workmates hated it; cooking tuna in the office microwave at 11am, and then again at 2pm…

But, it did the trick. I didn’t realise it, but I had gained quite a lot over a 9-month period.

However, the catch is that if you’re eating so many carbohydrates, you’ll need to make sure you’re burning them off through regular exercise. Good if you’re exercising all the time (e.g. competitive sport or frequent gym sessions), but if you get a little sloppy with the attendance, you may start to get a little sloppy in appearance.

With my schedule nowadays, I can’t afford to spare the time to cook so much, so I just try to eat as much chicken & fish with green veges (e.g. broccoli) as possible, eating 3 or 4 small meals daily rather than 1 or 2 huge banquets. I agree that diet is the key.

However, what about the calorific/protein value of an egg white? :wink:

working out about 6 days/week, jogging and playing competitive football (i.e. overtraining).

How much weight stayed on after the baby was born?

Actually, the post-natal lactation was the biggest problem… :?

It is too expensive and unnecessary to pay for instant nutritional supplements. I researched the nutritional value of all foods available and make my own meals. High protein for muscle building or high carbohydrates for extra fuel before a big sports event.

Hi Ali,

What information did you check? Could you please give a little more background?

I also agree that food is the best thing, but it’s often hard to get a quick fix after a workout… and the protein shakes seem to do the trick.

And back to the original topic of this thread, can someone recommend a useful website that contains healthy recipes. I’ve checked out a few, but have had a few problems with the ingredients and the imperoal system of measurement…


The Big Babou

Anyone find any good places for supplements in Taiwan, since these posts and please don’t tell me GNC…

Looking for a place with Optimum Nutrition if possible.

I always just order everything online through - never had a problem with delivery / customs / whatever :slight_smile:

I use that site too. Just didn’t think it would be affordable to have them ship from the US to TW. Maybe I’ll have to check that out.

whey protien from costco EAS 2000nt for a huge bucket. Taipei gym has ultimate nutrition protien and creatine for almost the same price as back home.