Boeing Fires C.E.O. Dennis Muilenburg

That company went downhill lately.

should make his golden parachute just lifetime rides on 737 Max’s


Bit late isn’t it !!
Two crashed jets at least…And a company in the shitter .

lest anyone forget 787’s lithium-ion battery problems when it came out. woops

I would make him the test object to send into orbit next time since he promised everything to be fine after failed mission to dock to ISS.

As well they should, Mullenburg didn’t lead Boeing into victory but instead led the rot

the Max is soon back…but would you fly it?

Call me chicken but i ain’t flying one till many years have passed without any further incidents on the type.
I am not putting my ass in one anytime soon, even if the flight is free.

“American put the flights on sale on Oct. 24. An airline spokesperson said customers will not be automatically re-accommodated if they had an existing reservation before the plane type swap.”

oh, never flew American Airlines…NOT about to now.
plus the Airline is in deep shit and may not survive the corona virus. May become the first US major to fail.

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They should rename it or something.

should’ve renumbered it

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It is basically the same frame as the old 737—with a larger engine. It was an ill-executed shortcut from the get-go. It doesn’t deserve a new number.


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Soooo…took wifey to airport to her southwest flight to LAX to connect to her spore flights to jkt.

took a look at flight aware and uh…she texted me shes on a southwest jet with wifi and the only ones with wifi far as i know are the feared MAX 8. wHICH southwest ordered something like hundreds of them and have over 50.
SO AFTER she lands i say…ohhh nice flight? good. by the way the plane that had wifi are the ones used on the hawaii routes and its a MAX 8.

her reply was “oh”

Well the thing flies well or it flies not at all.
I hope they sorted all the problems on that thing


Yes please. The world is messed up enough without more Boeings nosediving and crashing.


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737-800 (not a MAX) just crashed in China

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By the looks of it, the cause of that crash seems to be the same as in the 737 Maxes.

How so?

This incident has its own thread and is being discussed over here:


And the MAX is STILL shit.

" The MAX’s flight control system also failed on 22 separate flights, the same problem identified on the two planes which crashed.

More than 42 incidents involved equipment malfunctions, and on more than 40 occasions, flight crews chose to ground the affected aircraft while problems were fixed.

In one incident on an American Airlines flight in April last year, multiple systems including both autopilot functions stopped working soon after take-off."

I called it ages ago that the Max would still be a death trap and got shouted down. “It WiLl Be sAfE nOw!”

If it’s Boeing, I ain’t going. I can’t believe people still trust them.

Can you trust a company that fucked up twice, and then covered it up? Especially an aerospace company? Fuck no. If they lied about the 737-Max, imagine what they’ve lied about and how their manufacturing quality control is.