Bogarts Smokehouse Nangang

The hubby and I were just there yesterday for lunch. The ribs are my favorite.


I’ve been to both a few times.

Bogarts BBQ is superior.

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Dang, I missed the ribs and burnt ends on my first visit. Now I know the best procedure :laughing:, and my mouth is watering.

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I live near Baba Kevin’s and even like Kevin but since I discovered Bogart’s I have never been back. It is more than the worth the travel time. I can’t even compare the 2 as Bogart’s is so much better.

Baba Kevin’s isn’t smoked. I’ve not been to Bogart’s yet, but I’ve had their sandwich at park life. It was really good, but the meat also didn’t taste smoked. Texas Tom’s is the only properly smoked American BBQ I’ve ever tasted in Taiwan, but he only does pop ups.

I didn’t find it to be, personally. I’d probably go once in a while if it were within walking distance or ~4-5 MRT stations away, but Nangang is a bit too far for the food there in my opinion (11-12 MRT stations). It was alright, and the sauces were pretty good, but I wasn’t amazed or anything and I found the mac and cheese pretty unpleasant (a wider range of sides would be good, IMO).

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Hmm…It’s right where Google Maps says it is, with the name right there on the sign. I walked up and in the first time with no problem. (I’d be screwed finding anything here if you took my phone away these days, though.)

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What would we do without our brains (phones)?