Anyone know where I can do boldering in Taiwan? I’d really like to go but the places I’ve seen so far don’t allow you in without some kind of licence.

Have you just turned over a new leaf or something? Bouldering, surfing, IELTS examiners, books on linguistics … bit early for New Year’s resolutions isn’t it? Maybe you should try it one step at a time. :slight_smile: (no offense intended :wink: )

A license? Never heard of that one before. Maybe they just didn’t like the look on your face. What do you mean by “letting you in” by the way? Do you mean some kind of indoor facility like a sports club? Maybe they meant you need membership to get in? That sounds more likely – I don’t think there are such things as “bouldering licenses.” There are a number of outdoor climbing towers – one on Xindian on Beihsing Rd, a couple minutes walk from the Xindian City Hall MRT is about 15-20 feet, with overhangs and stuff. There’s a regular crowd of climbers who hang out there but you don’t need a “license.” You’ll need your own harness and stuff though.

You can do this at any of the indoor gyms with a wall. Y17 is pretty good. They just want to test you for the harness for climbing (Belaying) and generally they don’t care if you are just going to boulder up to about 2 metres with no harness on.

There are plenty of people here who climb. Why not take the test - even I passed it - and do the climbing properly?

what about real boulders? you know, outside?

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

what? you like his arse?

there’s another wall (or was, at any rate) some distance along BinLang road, Xindian, under the freeway overpass.

and there’s a whole mess of walls and even mats at the riverside sports park in Neihu, just north of Minquan Road (you can see it well from the Minquan Roaad Bridge over the Keelung river.)

for real boulders, try beach side climbing at any number of places along the North coast, or try Big Cannon cliffs in Beitou, overlooking Hell Valley.

thanks for the help, in answer to a few questions.

No I’m not suddenly trying to do these things. I’ve been trying to do them all for a year now :laughing:

I’ve actually dived and climbed before, I’m just looking for places and had no luck so far. The place closest to me needs some ‘belay safety card’ which you get by going to them for classes!

I won’t need a harness cos I really don’t want to do climbing, just indoor boldering, the rope stuff doesn’t interest me all that much :smiley:

[quote=“urodacus”]what? you like his arse?

That’s my sweet and delectable arse and yes I like it just fine, thanks. I’m using it right now, as it happens.

Uh, I think the photo came out sideways.

Rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise.


Well, yeah. Look at the trees. I’m a climber, not the human fucking fly. :laughing:

And so it is your sweet delectable arse, Sandman. Pardon me, I don’t normally see it from that angle. :hand:

If you only do bouldering, the bouldering gym on LanZhou street would probably fits.

Taipei Rock Climbing wall
3F. #30 Lanchow Street, Taipei
Taipei City, Taiwan

Chinese map at the bottom of this page:

The data listed on this site for Taipei city is pretty accurate:

I think for most gyms, you don’t need to pass the belay test if you are only bouldering.