Bollywood movies to film in Taiwan

In today’s news, there was this piece about 5 Indian movies that will be shot here in Taiwan -Taipei, probably.

This is good news from a tourism standpoint. I remember reading an article while in India, from a local newspaper -with some very interesting figures to back it up- on how filming in a certain country would increase interest and travelers from India towards that country.

And it will be interesting to see what kind of stories they come up with.

Link in Chinese:

[quote]And it will be interesting to see what kind of stories they come up with.

girl falls in love with boy, they go hiking in taiwan, he falls, loses his memory, falls in love with the nurse xiaojie. Then the Indian heroine, stays her true Indian self and refuses to sleep with the conniving Taiwanese doc trained in the US. Then in the end they are all back on a trail, the hero slips,concussion, and voila memory returns, he takes his well endowed indian girl back home to marry with parental consent. Oh yes They’ll put in the revenge of psycho xiaojie, but not for long.

Great story, I like it. :slight_smile: boob shots?

Tommy, it’s an Indian film… I hadn’t realized how PG mass media is there -even when I was there- until I got a COSMOPOLITAN fron India in my hands last week. Talk about dissapointment… I was like wait a second, I want my money back. FAIL!!! :doh:

If it had been in Spanish, it would have had a Corin Tellado short story. Alas, too racy I guess…

There is a lot of crap on TV and films, but I am glad magazines are much more toned down. I hate the idea of going to 7-11 and kids seeing racy pics plastered all over, when we are trying to teach our kids to respect female form etc.

Tommy, there will be some wet t-shirt shots. Hiking in Taiwan in the rain, they are bound to get wet. No Indian heroines don’t wear sweaters or coats even in snow, and don’t carry umbrellas. :smiley:

Cant wait ! :smiley:

The Bollywood and Indian MTV stuff I’ve seen recently in Indian restaurants in Taiwan is a lot more racy than what I remember from when I was last in India.

Yeps. Print is slightly better than here. Only slightly.

There is an incentive:

Taipei Times