Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb Syria

Hit as in "truck of peace / car of peace / AK47 of peace etc etc " ? It’s not like they need a lot of preparation to arrange a false attack, just wait a few days and it will happen by itself.

Probably not even false. As you said, there is no need.

A classmate sent me pics today of his trip in Spain. He was having breakfast at Atocha station. The name gives me flashes.

I remember Granada. And Panama. And the Central America civil wars. And we thought it was OK, as long as there was no WW3 with nukes shows over kinda war, we were proxy. Then we were testing ground. Practice. War drills. Now we are background for sales pitches…to ourselves I guess. And things just keep getting worse.



Funny how pre-Trump so many people were “NO WAR, STOP IT NOW”, and now: pretty ok with bombing Syria because: “Well, we have proof, think of the children, Assad is evil etc”


Hypocrisy is the universal language, and narratives are its grammar.

There are no sincere pacifists.

Today’s Daily Rowlandism™: war good, peace bad. :exploding_head:

You cannot have pacifists without warmongers.

War sincere, peace hypocritical.

You are a very odd mix of the two (and I don’t mean war & peace). I’ll remember that line next time you tell us sincerity is for sissies. :slight_smile:

Fake sincerity is for sissies. Real sincerity is for warriors.

Never take anyone at his word who makes a point of telling you how sincere he is. But if someone is shooting at you, best to presume he really means to kill you.

And if someone is pointing a gun at you while he’s trying to talk to you, shut up and listen for a bit.

You told us earlier that we shouldn’t trust you, so… :idunno:



Did you know US troops are (still) occupying part of Syria and apparently looting oil and other things?

No author, no about info. Who funds the Kremlin, lol, I mean Cradle?

And who’s the author of this? Another RT contributor?

@Charlie_Jack I figured better to move this here. I listened to that other video but the interviewer wasn’t great. Watching this now, it’s much better.

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No easy-to-find English about info,* but there’s this:

Google Translate translates “من نحن؟” as “who are we?

*Or perhaps I should have simply written that I had some trouble finding it.

Those White Helmet people must have been kept really busy faking all these chemical attacks:

Use of chemical weapons in the Syrian civil war - Wikipedia

If I were to post all the reports of chemical attacks (some of which were reportedly committed by ISIS/ISIL) in the above Wikipedia article, it would make quite a lengthy post. Here’s a sampling of some of the attacks for which I think the government was held responsible:

Exclusive: Secret State Department cable: Chemical weapons used in Syria – Foreign Policy

Ghouta chemical attack - Wikipedia

Investigators identify site of possible sarin attack in Syria - CBS News

Jean-Philippe Rémy, “Chemical Warfare in Syria,” Le Monde, May 27 and June 5, 2013

“Syria: Strong Evidence Government Used Chemicals as a Weapon,” Human Rights Watch, May 13, 2014

Assad Regime Accused of Chlorine Gas Attacks

Suspected gas attack on Aleppo causes deaths, injuries: hospital, rescuers | Reuters

Khan Shaykhun chemical attack - Wikipedia

And of course, the White Helmet false flag attack which has been discussed here recently:

Douma chemical attack - Wikipedia

Thanks, and I’m working my way through it. It seems true that the White Helmets have been present during executions, but I’m not so sure that they participated in them. But who knows? People get up to all kinds of things, especially in a war, and the White Helmets are people, and there’s a war going on.

I posted about the following a few years ago and then I forgot about it. Tonight I found the post and the Guardian piece that contained this quote, but I was blocked and asked to subscribe, so I went to the Internet Archive to get the Guardian article. But in later versions of the article, the quote seemed to be somehow missing. I think it’s possible that the quote was removed because there was a controversy about the person who made the statement, but anyway, here’s Ms. O’Bagy’s opinion, which I also found in this Internet Archive copy of a New Yorker article, and which, as time has worn on, and regardless of any dent which may exist in Ms. O’Bagy’s bona fides, appears to have turned out to be pretty much in harmony with the facts:

Dexter Wilkins, “The Thin Red Line: Inside the White House Debate over Syria,” The New Yorker, May 13, 2013 (Internet Archive Wayback Machine copy)

Anyway, I’ll stipulate that there are members of the White Helmets who do bad things sometimes, but I don’t see how that’s going to do much to improve Bashar’s image.

I guess one day I’ll finish these videos, but in order to do that, I’ll probably have to stop reading outside stuff and typing about it.

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