Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb Syria


Hit as in "truck of peace / car of peace / AK47 of peace etc etc " ? It’s not like they need a lot of preparation to arrange a false attack, just wait a few days and it will happen by itself.


Probably not even false. As you said, there is no need.

A classmate sent me pics today of his trip in Spain. He was having breakfast at Atocha station. The name gives me flashes.

I remember Granada. And Panama. And the Central America civil wars. And we thought it was OK, as long as there was no WW3 with nukes shows over kinda war, we were proxy. Then we were testing ground. Practice. War drills. Now we are background for sales pitches…to ourselves I guess. And things just keep getting worse.


Funny how pre-Trump so many people were “NO WAR, STOP IT NOW”, and now: pretty ok with bombing Syria because: “Well, we have proof, think of the children, Assad is evil etc”



Hypocrisy is the universal language, and narratives are its grammar.

There are no sincere pacifists.


Today’s Daily Rowlandism™: war good, peace bad. :exploding_head:


You cannot have pacifists without warmongers.


War sincere, peace hypocritical.


You are a very odd mix of the two (and I don’t mean war & peace). I’ll remember that line next time you tell us sincerity is for sissies. :slight_smile:


Fake sincerity is for sissies. Real sincerity is for warriors.

Never take anyone at his word who makes a point of telling you how sincere he is. But if someone is shooting at you, best to presume he really means to kill you.

And if someone is pointing a gun at you while he’s trying to talk to you, shut up and listen for a bit.


You told us earlier that we shouldn’t trust you, so… :idunno: