Bondo / Resin / Fiberglass

I’m in Kaohsiung but places in Taipei are also fine.

I’ve searched around at several different locations … some large car audio and general car places as well as B&Q and can’t seem to find any of this stuff.

Please let me know.

Not sure what you need it for and how much you need but surfboard repair shops would have some; I’d imagine that most serious shops that sold surfboards would also have DIY kits (but I’ve never actually tried to buy some here so can’t guarantee). Last time I around Waiao, I noticed a few promising shops but unfortunately don’t know any actual names…

Depends on how much you need but surf shops will definitely have small amounts on hand. I can call a contact at a surf shop in Waiao tomorrow and let you know what he has available.

Here you go. Check out this link to an article I wrote last year regarding Master Hsieh in Tai-Chung.

Attention all surfers: Custom surfboards and repair

He will definitely have all the fiberglass, epoxy, etc. that you would need. Make sure you have someone who can speak Chinese or Taiwanese as you won’t get anywhere using English!

Master Shaper Hsieh