Bone Doctors (Orthopedist)

[Original Subject: orthopedist]

can anyone recommend a good bone doctor? my wife’s knee is having a bit of trouble.

Doctors are useless when it comes to knees. Trust me, I’ve been to 4 diffferent hospitals and clinics here with good reputations and recommendations and they all told me I needed arthroscopy (a knee op). Then I discovered that most docs in the US do the same despite growing evidence that arthroscopy is useless and perhaps even detrimental. I’d try some Chinese medicines and stuff, not that they were much help to me either, but I think you stand more chance of hitting it lucky than with a western doc. In the end it was some reflexology, aromatherapy (of all thing) and just a bit of plain advice that helped me.


I feel that the bone doctor at Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center is very good. It is next to the Chung-Yi MRT. He is the only one there so you won’t miss him. I went there because I thought I had cancer or something serious in my back bone. I always treat my problems seriously until the doctors tell me to relax. I guess I’m getting old.