I searched the forum under ‘bong’ but nothing really recent or helpful came up.

Does anyone know where I can get decent glass on glass bongs? Any idea how much they cost?


Every now and then you’ll come acrossed a stand in the night market that sells glass pipes and such. They’re used to be such a place with bongs…uh waterpipes in Raohe night market. I’m not sure if it’s still there. About a month ago I was walking around the alley behind California fitness with all the restaurants at the Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT and I saw a guy selling some of the biggest and best selection of waterpipes I’ve ever seen in Taiwan.

Does Shilin Night Market sell bongs?

I’ll keep an eye out for the place by California Fitness, thanks!!

Perhaps this shop on Chongqing N. Road Section 1 Lane 15, No. 7 1F will have something that will satisfy your first request.

[update] Sorry, here’s the link.

Which MRT Station is that close to?
Sorry I am really new to Taiwan, I still don’t know my way around.

Just a note for the moderators - does this not get banned for encouraging illegal activity, or am I missing something?

Owning a beautiful cultural artifact is illegal? Did you know people used to ‘smoke’, using those!

I noticed the other day that Tong Hua night market (nearest MRT Liujiangli - Brown line, stop after technology building heading to the zoo) has a stall selling Hookah pipes and the like up near the top (Keelung road) entrance.

From the MRT:
Exit, cross Hepping East Road (the road you come out on) heading north up Keelung road. (the big traffic circle is on your left)
keep walking up Keelung road for about five minutes.
The night market is on the left hand side of the road, obvious because of all the food stalls at the end of the street, and the lanterns strung up. Turn left into the market, following the flow of people (which flows along the left hand side)
The stall is maybe 10 stalls in on your left.

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Is smoking tobacco in a bong illegal? :sunglasses:

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Yeah, never mind the Englishman, Tung Hua night market has both a stall near the Keelung end and a head shop fairly close to the Tung Hua end.
PM me for details.

GF went to a cafe where they had bongs where they put some sort of tobacco in it in taipei. But bong smoking is bad for your health and an easy transmission for some diseases. Best to read up before using it with others.

You live in the land of bamboo man…Make your own.

There’s a little shop in Danshui that sells African tribal artwork plus all sorts of novelty items. I happened to notice they also sold pipes and bongs. :slight_smile: They’re on one of the little side streets that go up from the riverside walk, on the right as you walk away from the river, can’t remember exactly which one, but I think it’s the one that brings you right out to the bust of Mackey on that little central island.

Poke some holes in a beer can laddie, whats up with you? Or hollow out a potato. Or get two knives and the top of a coke bottle. And nothing says ‘class’ like the searing hot plastic taste of a gravity bong.

When in the wilds, go native!

I know a fella with a coffee bong! Now thats Canadian.

In Thailand with my 18 year old boy recently I was aghast to learn he didn’t know how to skin up properly, in fact, at all. Seems bong packing is his limit. Imagine my disgust at having to roll all the time!

When a man gets to a certain point in life, he expects the kids to do things for him. Call it filial piety, but I call it common decency. Maybe I’ve just been in this part of the world too long.


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Yeah, never mind the Englishman, Tung Hua night market has both a stall near the Keelung (Jilong) end and a head shop fairly close to the Tung Hua end.
PM me for details.[/quote]

This guy’s stand is literally right outside the door to my apartment. Really nice guy, although I’ve never bought anything from him. His wares don’t seem to get much traffic, so I assume he runs another business on the side…

It’s illegal to buy a bong? Who knew? I know it SHOULD be illegal to buy accoutrements that mark you out as a Canookistanislovakian stoner, but as yet, alas, people are still free to appear as complete dweebs, without so much as a by-your-leave. It’s criminal, basically.

We’re talking about a burger joint, right? :eh: