Book: 'A Taipei Mutt', by Eric Mader Lin

Someone has a lot of free time on his hands…

I always wondered what the name was of those metal disks I carry around to do barter with.

I wrote a short story on April 22, 1989 about a man reincarnated into a dog’s body. I wonder if I could sue for plagiarism?

what is the possible point in writing about mundane things like the days of the week or money as seen by a dog in such a deadpan style; yes we know he’s trying to show us human life through the eyes of a dog…but it’s just inane unless he is highlighting something inherently strange that we take for granted; i kept re-reading to see if there wasn’t something i was missing…strikes me as the prose of someone who does too much crank…

“when the sun goes down it gets dark and lights go on. this is called the night” hey it’s kind of fun; try it and see…write your own dog story.

Yours is much funnier :wink:

Btw, do you want my “Taipei Mutt” copy when I’m finished? If not, I’ll donate it to Alleycat’s.

Wolf, you can sue for whatever you want, just about, but there’s no law against stealing a story idea. (Assuming the, ahem, great minds aren’t just thinking alike in this case.) Is there anything more substantial, such as parallel dialogue?

Since the closest I ever got to reading the book in question was looking at its cover at that used book exchange place in a Shitta restaurant, I don’t know.
Anyway, if you don’t know who Tsou Mei-yi was (she’s has expired already), you wouldn’t get the punchline.
My dog doesn’t phuck anyone (or get hosed), but here is one line from my short that my lawyer will be calling your lawyer about to reach a settlement of NT$26.50 in my favor:

[quote]The dog

Does the book follow the plot line of A Boy and His Dog, that early Don Johnson (of Miami Vice fame) soft porn film about—well, a boy and his dog? If so the screenwriter of that could sue everyone.

take care,
Brian and his Dog

A writer who writes: “Winterton’s review in the Taipei Times has gotten my novel to new readers…”?

I praise the initiative, and laud the seeing-it-through part of publishing his own book, but if the excerpts posted here are any indication, it all seems like intellectual masturbation.

Excuse me, typing this has gotten my appetite up so I must go forage for bits of nourishment and sustenance the price of which will be several bills of paper with apparent monetary value that the locals…zzzz…

The book is CRAP.

So THAT’S all it takes to be a published novelist in Taiwan? Shee-it. I gotta get busy. Even I could do better than that.

[quote=“twocs”]: Formosa Straits

It’s about a private detective, who goes on the run in Taiwan. I remember the main character is a Chinese man, but several generations back his great great something great grandfather was a white guy, so his name is Western. I found it interesting to read this book and then come to Taiwan. The book wasn’t written all that long ago, so some of the setting was relevant to the Taipei I have come to…[/quote]
I own it, but it’s on my bookshelf in Canada. It has a bright pink cover.

I did meet this guy, he was going around to bars talking about his book, and this happened in . . . maybe about December 2002- march 2003?

Don’t know much else about him though. Seemed like a nice guy trying to promote his story.

Pu Songling probably has you on that one.