Book Publisher / Literary Agent Needed

Good day there fellow Formosans,

I just recently finished writing a book about traveling through / living in Taiwan and elsewhere in East Asia and would like to know if anyone out there has published a book here, or knows of a reputable publisher or literary agent. Anyone? Anyone? Yes, I know there are plenty of them in the US, the UK and so on, but I was thinking more along the lines of someone operating from here or elsewhere in East Asia.

Any info would be greatly apreciated,


I’ll send you a PM (private message) later tonight.


I’m also interested in an agent and/or publisher. I’m a cartoonist and illustrator ( ) and sometime feature writer.

You can go to that conference it is Nov 10-12 and the major publishers will be there,

Caves books is also a publisher


As for literary agents, at least in Taiwan no such a creature and that is not how the publishing business works. Authors either find some connection to the publishing business though friends/family/schoolmates. And it is not publishers you are after, it is the editor of the section in that publishing house responsible for that type of book.

Taiwan is simply too small and the agent is unnecessary as they are going to want to wet their beak to put it in mafia terms. If some local tells you they will be your agent, alarm bells should go off in your head; warning, warning Dr. Smith.

My credentials to make these statements are three published books (two law books in Taiwan, one martial arts book in America) and seven years in the word biz in Taiwan. Plus my wife, who I consulted on this, confirms what I thought.

I too need a publisher or agent as it looks like self publishing will be too expensive.

Any help would be much appreciated.