Book recommendation: US Army in Taiwan during and after Korean War

Hi, I would like to ask: Do you know any books about American soldiers and their life in Taiwan - import/export of medical supplies, social life, their free time, life in military villages, marriage policy, women moving to the US, etc.?
Time frame: 50s, 60s, 70s
Thank you!

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Maybe visit the AIT American Center

The AIT American Center (previously known as the Information Resource Center (IRC)) provides an extensive open-stack collection of current materials about the United States. Most of the materials in the collection cover the U.S. society and culture, history, arts and literature, economics, education, government and politics.

We are located at AIT – Taipei Office (Address: No. 100, Jinhu Road, Neihu District 11461, Taipei City, Taiwan). The opening hours is 9 am -12pm Tuesday through Thursday and from 1-4pm on Thursday afternoons.

Also you can search about the United States Taiwan Defense Command ηΎŽθ»ε”ι˜²ε°η£εΈδ»€ιƒ¨ , the wikipedia page has some references



These websites might be interesting to you.