Book Review: If China Attacks Taiwan

Here’s a book review that came out in April 2006 outlining another Taiwan/China conflict senario. It’s not too long and worth a read if interested. I don’t this this topic has been posted before.

Book Review: If China Attacks Taiwan (or here)

Follow-up links:

Annual Report to Congress 2006: Military Power of the People’s Republic of China

Wendell Minnick’s “The year to fear for Taiwan: 2006”

Michael Turton’s “China Takes Taiwan”

[url= of a CCP Takeover[/url] (not worthy as the above two, but my favorite post)

What do I think? If the US attacks Iran (and the chances are likely), then I see China making a move to “Liberate” Taiwan. Not necessarily a destructive attack, more probable a blockade (sea lanes ~ economic/supply chains for manufacturers/oil ~ cyber finance~powerplant takeovers). It could even happen this year. Olympics be damned, Taiwan is more important to them. Its interesting to ponder what Ma will do in this situation. For sure the CCP will put the Vichey KMT back in power. Greens and many others will be sent to the chinese gulags or worst if (big IF) the takeover is successful. How will Ma play his cards? He is pro-unification but anti-ccp. Or will the CCP put a PFP or New Party ass-kisser in charge?

Would you rather CSB lead us through a possible invasion from the PRC. That idoit and Lu will get everyone on the island nuked.

At least with Ma, you know he will try to make the best out of a bad situation.

The only reason Taiwan is even contemplated being invaded is because of TI leadership and their approach to foreign policy.

[url= of a CCP Takeover[/url] (not worthy as the above two, but my favorite post)
[/quote]That was probably the first thread I ever participated in on here. Wow, looking at that list of names… feels like a lot of the pan-Greeners are laying low, these days.

notice what china has done since chen has been in power, two words, starting with j and s

i will take odds that an indecent interval after ma takes office you will see the pressure being RAMPED UP