Book Suggestions for Adult Beginners

Hi - I have some adults who really wanna learn English but they have forgotten pretty much everything from school. I don’t want to torture them with kiddy books - can you suggest some good books for adult beginners?

Much appreciated!


I would recommend Global - Beginner by Kate Pickering and Jackie McAvoy.

Very well organized coursebook. The e-workbook is also highly recommended.
The publisher is Macmillan. You can purchase it at Crane Publishing in Taipei.

Interchange, Touchstone, Headway. All much of a muchness.

Tatterdemalion’s is a good choice.

Bear in mind that most adult textbooks are actually designed for those in their late teens/early twenties. Otherwise the market isn’t big enough. Of course, as you know the textbook should simply be a launching pad for what the teacher has to offer.

You could look at the CUP photocopiable listening extra, reading extra, speaking extra and writing extra. If you are willing to put something into your classes these books allow for a lot and you can also use them with higher levels. You can actually use them for the same students as they progress. 18 units at three different levels covering the skills in different topics.
Just an add-on. Global is a very good textbook and the author is very knowledgeable and a real teacher. The material is authentic. I’m just concerned over how relevant it will be for Taiwanese adults.

OK guys, thanks for the recommendations, I will check these out.