Book: "The Ugly Chinaman"


I would very much like to read the book “The Ugly Chinaman” in English. I have found it in Chinese but it takes me way too long time to go through it that way…

Is there anyone who is willing to sell/lend me the book?



… I rather read “100 hot China chicks”, but okay…

there is something in life for everyone’s tastes

You used to be able to buy the English version in Caves.

kinda like reading the bible in heaven :slight_smile::):slight_smile:

There’s a representative and extensive excerpt from the English edition of The Ugly Chinaman here:

For more about the book, see the thread [url= - the source of local apathy[/url].

This book is currently out of print, I have been looking for it for years but with no success. I too would like a copy if anyone should come across one.

if anyone in taoyuan or the area is willing to part with an english copy for a week or so, i too have been all over trying to buy it, even 2nd hand. caves, page 1 … any place selling english books - outta print.

thanks in advance

The excerpt provided by Cranky above is, IMHO, enough to get 90% of what Bo Yang says in his whole book. His argument isinteresting, but it doesn’t really require an entire book to tell.

Right! After reading one paragraph I know now, my wife still loves me. She only tortures me because it is her culture.

Pheeeew, feel better now.

I had the same trouble looking for this book too. I said “could anyone lend it to me or something?” and only later did I realise that those who did own a copy could not help as they had in fact vaccuum-sealed and cryogenically frozen their copies… and I can’t blame them either!

Finally ended up reading it though, and it was OK but I agree that you don’t need to read the whole thing. Like I said on taiwanho, if this guy had learnt to write in coherent professional prose he would have done himself a favour and reached more people. I reckon Harmony in Conflict was like “reading the bible in heaven” (so apt!), I recommend it, it was the stake in the heart to the final dregs of culture shock for me.

Harmony in Conflict? I have several copies of that in my house here. I enjoy reading it from time to time too … although at only 720 pages, I thought the author was overly “simplistic” in some areas … in other words I would have preferred more details.