Booking Online Flights to South East Asia

Does anyone know a good web site to book flights from Taiwan to various Asian countries?? Looking to leave during Chinese New Year. Or would anyone recommend a good travel agent that gives better rates than the internet?

The only one I know of is People have posted various experience with travel agents in the sticky thread called Great Travel Agent. Please check that out. My company and I have tried various travel agents, many of them in that sticky thread. I’m confident when I say that while may have slightly cheaper prices for many tickets, but they’re no frills and buyer beware because they may sell you a class that can cause you problems. It’s better to use a travel agent and call them up for their service and assistance. Peter @ Trump Travel gets my endorsement. YMMV.

We use
We have booked HK, Thailand and U.S. several times. Just easy to book and good service. The website is Taiwanese but you should be able to get a friend to help you book. They can even fit you in with a tour group for the discount tickets and then you can depart the group. You will have a telephone number on your confirmation email and they have agents that can speak English if you need to make a change. I must admit though, that the better of the local agents mentioned in this forum are very competitive in price and service.

if you’re going to Bangkok, I would suggest you go to to book it. The fare is very reasonable, around 6900 for round trip from TPE to BKK.

If you want to visit Singapore, you can go to singapore airline to see if they offer any pomotion there.

Both & are good website too. We, taiwanese, still like to call up the travel agent to book the tickets. :slight_smile:

Here are list of travel websites I can find on Yahoo Taiwan

You can also check out both Taiwanese airline company’s website; the fair they offer is usually higher than travel agents. Sometimes you can find last minute pomotion on its website.

I hope those are helpful! :slight_smile: Cheers, Merry X’mas!